Nation and Federation in the Celtic World

Papers from the Fourth Australian Conference of Celtic Studies

Edited by Pamela O'Neill

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Format: paperback
316 pages
ISBN: 9781864875157

Publication: 01 Jan 2003
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies
Publisher: The University of Sydney


Goldfields rebels and Australian federation by Ed Jaggard

Medieval Welsh women: the daughters of Llywelyn Fawr (Llywelyn the Great – 1173–1240) by Gwenyth Richards

Margins or heartlands: nationality on the borders of England and Scotland by Sybil M Jack

Agnes Campbell and Finola MacDonnell: a Scottish mother and daughter in sixteenth-century ‘British’ politics by Lorna G Barrow


‘A most industrious well-disposed people.’ Milford Haven Quakers and the Pembrokeshire whaling industry c.1791–1821 by Richard Allen

Gaeldom’s diaspora by Robin MacKenzie-Hunter

Crossing cultural boundaries? Irish Catholics and the Welsh language in the twentieth century by Trystan Owain Hughes


Captive in fairyland: the strange case of Robert Kirk of Aberfoyle by Sophie Masson

Concepts of nationhood in nineteenth-century Welsh­ language religious literature by Sión Owen

1916 – the nation as an ideal by Emma Hunt

Tomás Ó Crohan and nation by Irene Lucchitti

Homecoming: visions of home in contemporary Irish poetry by Kim Cheng Boey

The Arts

Images of the mother and child: from early Christianity to the Book of Kells by Denise M Doyle

National religions and the survival of stone sculpture: some preliminary observations by Pamela O’Neill

David Jones: the battle of the psyche – lost and won! by Marian Marcatili

Germanic visions of the Celtic world 1770–1970 by Michael Nelson

Time, Place and Identity

‘The Celtic year’: reconsidering early Celtic divisions of time by Bronwyn C Ledgard

The blacksmith: an integral member of society in early Ireland and Scotland by Julianna Grigg

Nemeta: town halls and village churches by Kristen Erskine

The myth of Tara by Daniel Bray

British and Irish colonial churches: an alternative model to the ‘Celtic Church’ by Lyn Olson

The delineation of a medieval ‘nation’: Brittones, Cymry and Wealas before the Norman conquest by Kaele Stokes

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316 pages
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ISBN: 9781864875157
Publication: 01 Jan 2003
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies