Thirty Years in Australia

Ada Cambridge

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Format: paperback
244 pages
ISBN: 9781920898212

Publication: 01 Jan 2006
Series: SUP Classics
Publisher: Sydney University Press

With introduction by Dr Margaret Bradstock.

Widely and positively reviewed at the time of publication in 1903, Ada Cambridge's incisive and moving autobiography, Thirty Years in Australia, now re-emerges in a modern new edition. Enthusiasts and cultural historians alike will welcome the reappearance of this lively and significant volume.

Includes an updated introduction by Dr Margaret Bradstock, and the introduction to the 1989 edition by Dr Margaret Bradstock and Dr Louise Wakeling.

Ada Cambridge (1844-1926) was an English-born Australian writer, who published more than twenty-five works of fiction, as well as three volumes of poetry and two autobiographical works.

New introduction
Margaret Bradstock
Louise Wakeling and Margaret Bradstock

  1. ‘Isle of beauty, fare thee well’
  2. Australia Felix
  3. The bush
  4. The first home
  5. Dik
  6. The second home
  7. The third home
  8. The Murray journey
  9. Local colour
  10. The fourth home
  11. The fifth home
  12. The sixth home
  13. The boom
  14. The seventh home
  15. Toby
  16. The great strike
  17. Over the border
  18. The end of bush life
  19. The eighth home
  20. Conclusion

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 mm
244 pages
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ISBN: 9781920898212
Publication: 01 Jan 2006
Series: SUP Classics