2021 preview and holiday closure

We wish all our readers, authors and colleagues a restful break and a very happy new year.

The SUP office will be closed from 23 December through 6 January. Orders placed during this period will be fulfilled soon after our return in the new year. You can also speak with your local bookseller about ordering SUP titles in. In Australia and New Zealand, all SUP books are distributed to bookshops by NewSouth Books and Alliance Distribution Services.

We look forward to sharing another year of good reading with you in 2021. Below, we're delighted to share some highlights from the first quarter of 2021.

book cover of Dingo Bold by Rowena Lennox
In Dingo Bold (January), Rowena Lennox explores the complex, sometimes controversial relationship between humans and dingoes. Jacqueline Kent writes: “Combining natural history, Indigenous culture, folklore, memoir, and environmental politics, this is an elegantly written and affectionate tribute to Australia’s most maligned and least understood native animal.”
book cover of Djalkiri
Djalkiri: Yolŋu Art, Collaborations and Collections, edited by Rebecca Conway (January), includes over 300 colour images and is published in conjunction with a large-scale exhibition of Yolŋu art and culture at the University of Sydney’s new Chau Chak Wing Museum (the exhibition is open now and we highly recommend a visit). Featuring work by 100 artists, Djalkiri describes how Yolŋu communities from Arnhem Land have collaborated with galleries and museums to develop a community-led approach to the collection and display of their artwork.
book cover: Enter the Animal by Teya Brooks Pribac
Enter the Animal by Teya Brooks-Pribac (February) examines what we do and don't know about grief and spirituality across the species. Marc Bekoff, author of The Emotional Lives of Animals, has welcomed it as  "a fascinating journey into the hearts and minds of nonhuman animals and our shared capacities for experiencing a wide variety of deep and rich emotions".


book cover of Animal Welfare in China by Peter J Li

Animal Welfare in China by Peter Li (March) is a groundbreaking and timely study of the key animal welfare challenges facing China now, including animal agriculture, bear farming, and the trade and consumption of exotic wildlife, dog meat, and other controversial products. (You can hear author Peter Li discuss the Chinese wildlife trade and its potential role in the COVID19 epidemic here.)

Later in 2021, we’ll have new books on the history and archaeology of Port Arthur, the plays of Patrick White, and a remarkable collection of rediscovered oral history interviews with Chinese Australians who grew up in the early 20th century. Plus much more!