Sydney University Press (SUP) is interested in innovation in publishing and scholarly communication. From our humble beginnings as a cross-university collaboration between scholars, librarians, IT and printers, we have developed a number of interesting projects to showcase different futures for scholarly communication. Here are a few...

Australian Politics and Policy textbook

Australian Politics and Policy is an open textbook, written and edited by scholars from across Australia. The first edition was published in 2019 in senior and junior editions.

Editorial updates are managed by the Teaching and Learning Committee of the Australian Political Science Association. Subsequent editions have included extra chapters on public policy, the COVID-19 pandemic and policy responses, and other relevant topics. The current edition is hosted on PressBooks, as part of the CAUL Open Educational Resources Collective.

The Australian Poetry Library

The Australian Poetry Library was a web database of over 40,000 Australian poems for study and teaching that was live from 2011-2020. Full text searching was available, as well as navigating the collection by poet, theme or poetical form. Users could create a custom selection and download them for a small fee, which goes back to the poets. The website is currently offline. 

Charles Harpur Critical Archive

The Charles Harpur Critical Archive (CHCA) is a digital archive and a scholarly edition of the poetic works of Charles Harpur (1813-68), the most important poet of colonial New South Wales.