2022 and holiday closure

We wish all our readers, authors and colleagues a relaxing break and a very happy new year.

The SUP office will be closed from 24 December and reopen on Monday 10 January. Orders placed during this period will be fulfilled soon after our return in the new year. You can also speak with your local bookseller about ordering SUP titles in. In Australia and New Zealand, all SUP books are distributed to bookshops by NewSouth Books and Alliance Distribution Services.

In Europe, the United Kingdom and the Middle East, SUP books are distributed by Gazelle Book Services. We will be announcing an exciting development for further distribution in coming weeks. 

We look forward to sharing another year of good reading with you in 2022. Below, we're delighted to share some highlights from the first quarter of 2022.

South Flows the Pearl is a fascinating journey through the history of Chinese Australia. Taking the reader from Shanghai and the Pearl River Delta to Sydney, Perth, Cairns, Darwin, Bendigo and beyond, it explores the struggles and successes of Chinese people in Australia since the 1850s, as told in their own words.
Inner and Outer Worlds: Gail Jones' fiction offers reflections on Jones’ fiction by leading Australian and international literary critics. For readers who loved Sixty LightsFive BellsSorry and Jones’ other novels, and for students of Jones’ work, this book will be an illuminating companion. With chapters on her use of language, her thematic preoccupations, and her place in local and global literary culture, it is a timely guide to the work of an exceptional Australian writer.

Since its publication in 1903, Joseph Furphy’s Such is Life has become established as an Australian classic. But which version of the novel is the authoritative text, and what does its history reveal about Australian cultural life? In a fascinating piece of literary detective work, Osborne traces the book’s journey and shows how economic and cultural forces helped to shape the novel we read today.


Later in 2022, we’ll have new books on Australia's Chinese furniture factories, digital archaeology through the principles and practice of building 3D digital models of artefacts, Australian universities and public good, and rock art from the northern Kimberleys.