April new releases: Pilbara archaeology and neglected Anzac histories

In April we publish two exciting new books, both exploring aspects of Australia's past that resonate today.

In Crafting Country, Caroline Bird and James Rhoads survey the Aboriginal archaeology of Nyiyaparli Country in the Pilbara region of north-western Australia. Drawing on ten years of excavations across hundreds of sites, they show how Nyiyaparli people have interacted with the land and made their mark on it over generations. Crafting Country is the latest book in our Tom Austen Brown Studies in Australasian Archaeology series. Cover image of Crafting CountryCover image of The Cost of War

In The Cost of War, Stephen Garton considers how wartime has shaped Australian individuals, families, communities and public life. The first edition of The Cost of War offered a ground-breaking new perspective on the Anzac experience. In this revised and updated new edition, Garton again makes a compelling case for a more nuanced understanding of the individual and collective costs of war and the central role they have played in shaping Australian society, from WWI through Vietnam and into the present. You can read an interview with Stephen Garton about his book here.

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