Letters to Australia, Volume 5

Essays from 1954–1955

Julius Stone

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Format: paperback
288 pages
ISBN: 9781743326107

Publication: 01 Oct 2019
Series: Letters to Australia
Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Queen Elizabeth’s visit showed a strong remaining affection for the crown, despite the nation’s shift of its power alliances to the USA. In the USA, McCarthyism crashed with the discrediting of its leading figure; in Argentina, the autocratic populist movement of Peron came to an end; West Germany continued its spectacular economic growth; and Yugoslavia made a bid for neutrality, weakening the Soviet Union’s grip on the Balkan states.

Julius Stone (1907–1985) was Challis professor of jurisprudence and international law at the University of Sydney from 1942 to 1972, then adjunct professor at the University of New South Wales, until his death.

Editors Preface

Selected contents – over 100 talks in total

Economic development in the UK and US; problems of POWs from Korean War; reflections on 1953
Messrs Dulles, Eden, Churchill on Western Defence Strategy
Korean POW problems; pilotless bombers
Royal power and royal influence – reflections on the visit of Queen Elizabeth II
The German Problem and the UK-Soviet Treaty Proposal, and a comment on McCarthyism
Austro-Soviet Treaty and the occupation of Germany; Soviet proposal for European security
Achievements and failures of the Berlin Conference
Mrs Petrov – issues of diplomatic asylum
Diplomatic rupture – Soviet reaction to Australian actions in Petrov Affair
French position in Indochina crumbles; US administration foreshadows veto on UN admission for China
Territorial waters – Peru’s claim, international practice
President Eisenhower’s TV broadcast to the nation: a new technique in foreign policy
Yugoslavia’s bid for neutrality, and differences among European powers
Peron flees Argentina; Mr Casey in Washington; the Soviets respond on disarmament
Atoms for peace, crisis in French politics
Soviet and Western proposals for European security
Crisis in Guatemala – liberation or invasion?
Big Four deadlock on disarmament; France arms Egypt
Reaction to the Soviet h-bomb test; the Baghdad Conference on the Middle East; South Africa moves toward white domination
The UN admits 18 new nations; Soviet overtures to Asia
Japan moves to renew trade with Communist China


Format: paperback
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288 pages
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ISBN: 9781743326107
Publication: 01 Oct 2019
Series: Letters to Australia