Game Drives of the Aralo-Caspian Region

Vadim N. Yagodin, translated by W. Paul van Pelt, and edited by W. Paul van Pelt and Alison Betts

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Format: paperback
256 pages
ISBN: 9781743320105

Publication: 01 Apr 2019
Series: Adapa Monographs
Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Game drives of the Aralo-Caspian region is a translated and revised edition of Yagodin’s Strelovidnye Planirovki Ustyurta, originally published in Tashkent in 1991. Based on extensive fieldwork, the volume investigates arrow-shaped structures used for hunting in remote areas of Central Asia between the seventh and 14th centuries AD.

This classic study of game drives remains one of the most significant works in Ustyurt archaeology and one of the few that integrates geoarchaeological, ecological and ethnographic data.

This first English edition of Game drives of the Aralo-Caspian region has been amended with new material, including the study of satellite imagery, and enriched with many new illustrations.

Alison Betts FSA, FAHA (University of Sydney) specialises in the archaeology of the lands along the Silk Roads: and the nomadic peoples of the Near East. Since 2012, she has been Professor of Silk Road Studies at the University of Sydney.

Vadim N. Yagodin was Head of the Department of Archaeology, Research Institute of the Humanities of Karakalpak branch of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. He worked with S.P. Tolstov as a member of the Chorasmian Archaeological Expedition. Continuing on from this work, he conducted a number of field seasons on the Ustiurt plateau, investigating nomadic cemeteries, hunting traps and sanctuaries. His team also carried out excavations at two of the frontier fortresses on the edge of the plateau. Professor Yagodin published extensively on his work, in Russian and in English.

W. Paul van Pelt (University of Cambridge and McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research) focuses on the interplay between technology and culture, and the material and biological conditions that result from intercultural contact and colonialism, and the various ways in which these impact expressions and experiences of identity.

Preface by W. Paul van Pelt and Alison Betts
Introduction by Vadim N. Yagodin and Shamil S. Amirov

1. Architecture by Vadim N. Yagodin and Shamil S. Amirov
2. Chronology by Vadim N. Yagodin
3. Function prey species by Vadim N. Yagodin
4. Archaeological context by Vadim N. Yagodin
5. Historical by Vadim N. Yagodin
6. Socioeconomic significance by Vladim N. Yagodin and Shamil S. Amirov
7. Conclusions by Vadim N. Yagodin

Works cited

"Yagodin has succeeded in creating a holistic picture out of many fragments and gaps by counting on archaeological surveys as well as historical and ethnological records and has discussed ecological and economical aspects. Much more than a catalogue of the arrow-shaped structures, this is a book on the importance of hunting in the Medieval Ustyurt. The result is impressive and indeed, as the editors affirmed in their introduction, a classic and important study."
Finn Schreiber   Ancient Civilisations from Scythia to Siberia

Format: paperback
Size: 250 × 176 × 15 mm
256 pages
12 b&w tables, 25 colour illustrations, and 57 b&w illustrations
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ISBN: 9781743320105
Publication: 01 Apr 2019
Series: Adapa Monographs