The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2018


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Format: paperback
248 pages
ISBN: 9781743326633

Publication: 07 Mar 2019

Publisher: The University of Sydney

For some of us, living in an uncertain world is a reality we accepted long ago; an unavoidable result of living in an unpredictable space sensitive to minute actions. We feel powerless. For others, the system holds infinite possibilities. We know how to play the game, to circumvent the rules, to get what we want. We feel powerful.

Power can be an intimate action.

What happens in our homes, our lives, our relationships—sometimes we’re at loss, in the hands of someone, something more powerful. But sometimes we’re in charge, we take control, we’re at ease with what we do and what we do to others.

The 2018 Student Anthology delves into what power means to us. In stories, essays, images and poems, Sydney University’s talented writers and artists explore the intimate pulls of personal relationships and the violent tugs of political forces, presenting diverse and intriguing portrayals of power.

Forward, Anna Spargo-Ryan

The Watcher, Edith Watt
Evil Eyes on the Tree, Simone Wang
Capitalism is Burning the World but Love Burns Brighter and More Beautifully, Robin M. Eames
The Power is in the Bud, Noah Wu

Smoke on the Water, T.H. Livingstone
Mate, Kathryn Lyster
Prey, Georgia Tan
A Montage of Wasted Time, Alahna Richmond-Yunn
The Resurrection of the Salesman, Tom St John
Who Wants to Stay in Bed and Listen to Neil Young? Jack Boots
The Seven-Day Diet, E.A. Milstead
Moments, Alisha Brown
Ten-Cent Game, Ashley Cracknell
Revolution, Connor Lindstrom
'To Love', Pola Fanous
Dusk,Georgia Tan
The Cat on the Sill, P.S.I. George
Tales of the Promised Land 1, Raz Badiyan
Nobles, Angus Chapman
Teddy, Alisha Brown
Birth Canal, Kathryn Lyster
Ivor F., Grace Johnson
New Year's Resolution, Tom St John
Fear, Gabriela Bourke
Midnight at the Laundromat, P.S.I. George
Innocents, Alisha Brown
Vessels, Isobel Savulescu
Find the Sun, Angus Chapman
A Private Metamorphosis, Henri King
Victimiser, Georgia Tan
How to Talk to Trees, Eleanor Gwyn
Friends on Facebook, Eliza Victoria
The Lugar Temeroso, Francesca Edwards Rentsch
Tales of the Promised Land 2, Raz Badiyan

Human Legacy, Barricaded, Soph Forest
Rabbit Hole, Soph Forest
Stratification, Soph Forest
Bloom, Pre-Moth and Rust, Soph Forest

Beating the Shame Stick, Sophia Lippell
Lovecry/Battlesong, Robin M. Eames
She'll be Right, Megan Fitzgerald
KXSWLML, Ashley Cracknell
Forest, Coco Huang
The Power of Cuisine, Soo Choi
My Yesterday's Bookmarks, Tom St John
Locker-Talk, Henri King
In the Dark, Rabeah Zafrullah
Genealogy, Belinda Paxton
In the Morning, Alisha Brown
Blooming and Dying, Megan Fitzgerald

Preservation of Temporality, Madi Daugaard

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Format: paperback
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248 pages
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ISBN: 9781743326633
Publication: 07 Mar 2019