The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2019

University of Sydney students and foreword by Maeve Marsden

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Format: paperback
280 pages
ISBN: 9781742104577

Publication: 01 Mar 2020

Publisher: The University of Sydney

There is beauty in diversity. Whether it’s something that everyone can see, or something invisible, we walk around with it every day, and it informs all of our experiences. Diversity has challenged and transformed our societies and cultures, making us all better people.

Through unique stories, experiences and expressions, this anthology explores how diversity has shaped our world, how it has empowered us and connected our communities. By exploring numerous experiences, from partying at Mardi Gras to being unapologetically Arabic, the 2019 Sydney University Student Anthology shows that diversity unites and enriches our lives.

Maeve Marsden is writer, director and performer based in Sydney creating theatre, cabaret and storytelling events, with a focus on feminist and queer work.

The University of Sydney Anthology is created, curated and produced by publishing students.

Foreword by Maeve Marsden

King St lesbianism by Lou Garcia-Dolnik
Dinner table by Amy Wang
Intolerant by Sheree Strange
Black protest by Harold Legaspi
Throwing glitter at Christians by Connor Parissis
Nightclubbing by Harold Legaspi
Gone boy by Harold Legaspi
Kylie by Adelia Croser
The first Saturday in March by John Hannaford
The shame of privilege by James Mukheibir
Embodiment by Anastasia Taig
When a kiss is a queer, uncertain thing by Amy Wang
Stranger in Delhi by Grace Jing Johnson
Twins by Anastasia Taig
Paralysis by Anastasia Taig
Stories behind opera curation by Jing Cai
Anywhere, everywhere by Sarah Poh
Ecotone by Sofia Ahmad
A paradox of sea and coal by Gabrielle Cadenhead
Diversity? Not so much, here by Cherita Zhu
Mohammad Riad Awad by Mohammad Awad
Assimilation by Mary Stanley
Coloured raindrops by Bethany Carter
Fun-sized diversity by Mohammad Awad
I’m sorry by Zhipei Zheng
Hindi/English Indian by Rhea L Nath
Enough by Raz Badiyan
High country by Scott Whittingham
The leaves turn brown in summer by Hannah Roux
Moonlight motel by Ivy Waters
I think of clothes in personal Latin by Misbah Ansari
Filthy rich by Harold Legaspi
Pressure by Sarah Carol Hughes
Burning the masks by Anastasia Taig
Dinner in the underground by Elizabeth Wheeler
As fire to snow by Rosie Mulray
Mother Earth by Scott Whittingham
Diversity and gender in the compositional relationship of Robert and Clara Schumann by Katarina Grobler
The multicoloured road to Australia by Vrishali Jain
Iran by Raz Badiyan
Starry night by Naosheyrvaan Nasir
The tree of life by Scott Whittingham
Remembering Eunice by Gabrielle Cadenhead
Plant & animal by Elizabeth Mora

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Format: paperback
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280 pages
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ISBN: 9781742104577
Publication: 01 Mar 2020