Earth Cries

A Climate Change Anthology

Sydney University alumni, staff and students and foreword by Karl Kruszelnicki

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Format: paperback
320 pages
ISBN: 9781742104768

Publication: 01 Mar 2021

Publisher: The University of Sydney

Climate change is here, and how we react in the present will alter the course of the future; we can no longer deny that this is a key challenge for our times. Over the past two years, Australia has seen its worst bushfire season in recorded history, extreme floods and a global pandemic that brought about a renewed appreciation of nature.

The contributors to this anthology tell powerful stories of devastation and hope. From chilling predictions of the future, to tree conservation movements in India, to an exchange between Siri and Alexa on environmental sustainability, writers and artists from the Sydney University community have come together to give voice to experiences of climate change, nature and the environment.

It’s never been more important to keep the conversation alive.

The University of Sydney Anthology is created, curated and produced by publishing students.

Foreword by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

2100 - A True Story by Vivienne Reiner
Fire and Sand by Isla Scott
Try, Try Again by Johanna Ellersdorfer
Clearing the Air: Childfree by Choice by Charlotte Lim
The Children Know Better by Bianca Yeung
The Fires that Burnt Through Us All by Raz Badiyan
Walking, Sketching and Dogs: Autoethnography in the Time of Fire and Rona by Jakelin Troy
The Cold Firestorm of Digital Photography: Feeling with Hot Ash by Victor Zhou
Siren Summer by Gabrielle Platt
The Wolf by Francesca Edwards Rentsch
In Our Pursuit by Rosalin Xie
Primaveral by C.L. Crozier
Temporal Conflict by Lauren Poole
Renaissance by Ashleigh Cuthill
Who is the Law For? Drinking Water Governance and Climate Justice in Northern Australia by Liam Grealy and Kirsty Howey
Drowned by Jennifer Sacks
The Cloud Catchers by Isla Scott
In the After by Abby Jean Wilson
Melted Oysters by Joshua Harper
Why Multispecies Ethnography Matters for Human Rights and the Climate by Sophie Chao
Climate Change and Civil Unrest: Insights from Syria and COVID-19 by Michael Lotsaris
No Elsewhere by Gabriela Bourke
Coronavirus War Profiteering: Plastics Over People by India Gill
Earth Cry by Hannah Roux
Making Images with Dragon Fruits and Ants by Victor Zhou
Reconciling the Split by Angad Roy
Tremè: Cultural Space and Place in the Jazz City by Melissa Snook
That ScoMo Lovin’ Climate Change Guy by Naosheyrvaan Nasir
Climate Truck by Michael Lotsaris
Trashed by Belinda Paxton
Wandering by Wil Haviland
When the Birds Came Back by Seth Robinson
The Colours of the Sky by Isla Scott
All for a Promise by Vrishali Jain
A Critique of the Zero-Waste Movement by Angela Xu
Will COVID-19’s Legacy be Environmental or Socially Sustainable Action? by Anika Bhatia
Don’t Send the Thank You Email by Jessica McLean
Earth Sonnets by Hannah Roux
Life Line by Jennifer Scarini
Undrown by Mary Stanley
Postcard by Rosalin Xie
2100 – If We Never Have Paris by Vivienne Reiner

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Format: paperback
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320 pages
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ISBN: 9781742104768
Publication: 01 Mar 2021