Origins and Revivals

Proceedings of the First Australian Conference of Celtic Studies

Edited by B. Martin, G. Evans, and Jonathan M. Wooding

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Format: paperback
601 pages
ISBN: 9781864873801

Publication: 01 Jan 2000
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies
Publisher: The University of Sydney

Jonathan Wooding is Sir Warwick Fairfax Chair of Celtic Studies at the University of Sydney.

On the Origins of the Old Irish Terms Goídil and Goídelc by John T. Koch

Aspects of Declension and Case in Modern Irish by Damien O Muirí

On the Adverbial Usage of Adjectives in Brittonic Languages by Alexander Falileyev

Syntactic, Lexical and Other Transfers from Celtic in (Australian) English by Brian Taylor

Vocabulary Renewal Trends in the Modern Celtic Languages by Geoffrey Hull

The ‘Native Irish Grammarian’ Revisited (Plenary lecture) by Anders Ahlqvist

Irish Vikings or Scandinavian Celts? The Sources for the Gall-Gaidhil and their language by Roderick W. McDonald

Ireland in the Íslendingasǫgur by John Kennedy

The Early Hagiography of Saint Samson of Dol by Lynette Olson

The Transmission of Virgil and Virgil Scholia in Early Medieval Ireland by David Daintree

The Scholars of Early Christian Ireland by Michael Richter

The British Isles and the Mediterranean World: Contact and Exchange 400–700 AD by Mark A. Handley

Arthur and the Giant of Mont-Saint-Michel: the Creation of a Folktale by Sonya Jensen

The Unpopular Rabbie Burns and his Ilk: the Excisemen in Eighteenth-century Scotland by Sybil Jack

Women and Power in Early Irish Literature by Elayne Jay

Everybody’s Father: Genealogy in Irish Poetry by Louis de Paor

The Táin Bó Cúailnge as Book of Signs by Bernard Martin

Spoken Gaelic and the Descendants of the Scottish Immigrants of the 1850s by Kerry Cardell

Celtic Survival in Victoria: Church and School by Cliff Cumming

Some Celtic Survivals in Sixteenth-Century Scotland by Janet Hadley Williams

The Politics of Magic in the Scottish Highlands: Insight into Earlier Times? by Alasdair Taylor

The Clanranald Histories – Authorship and Purpose by William Gillies

Celtic-Language Printing in Colonial Australia by Geraint Evans

Adoption and Adaptation of Celtic Music in South Australia: The Case of Traditional Celtic Music Competitions by Dorothy O’Donnell

A Statement of Ethnicity: The Scottish Highland Bagpipe in New Zealand by Jennie Coleman

Fritz Hart: Melbourne's Celtic ‘Composer-in-Residence’ by Anne-Marie H. Forbes

The Not-So-Exotic Law of Dian Cécht by Neil McLeod

Annul Arinchain Fénechas: Discourse Characteristics of Early Irish Law Texts by Bette-Jane Crigger

Reconciling the Tension between Stasis and Change in the Late Medieval Irish Law Manuscripts by Rowena Finnane

Ban: Sn Alternative Model of the Impact of Christian Conversion on Women in Irish Society by Tracy Newlands

Cultural Meanings in the Mabinogi by Helen Fulton

Contemporary Anglo-Welsh Elegy: Negotiating the Cultural Hyphen by Fiona Morrison

A Celtic Lohengrin in the Lai of Milan by Bernadette A. Masters

A Reading of Dafydd ap Gwilym (Plenary Lecture) by R. Geraint Gruffydd

Celtic Iberia: Archaeology and Ethnicity by Aedeen Cremin

Bulls and Boars in Celtic Iberia by R. Ian Jack

Celts and Dacians: Confrontation and Convergences by Vlad Protopopescu

The Originality of Celtic Ideology: The Case of Continental Sanctuaries by Natalie Venclova

The Ancient Celts: The First European Community? (Plenary Lecture) by M. Ruth Megaw and J. V. S. Megaw

Celtic-Language Printing in Colonial Australia by Geraint Evans

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 mm
601 pages
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ISBN: 9781864873801
Publication: 01 Jan 2000
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies