Celts in Legend and Reality

Papers from the Sixth Australian Conference of Celtic Studies

Edited by Pamela O'Neill

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Format: paperback
484 pages
ISBN: 9781742101897

Publication: 01 Jan 2010
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies
Publisher: The University of Sydney

Preface by Pamela O’Neill

Celts in the Material Record

The image of a Celtic society: medieval West Highland sculpture by David H Caldwell, Fiona M McGibbon, Suzanne Miller and Nigel A Ruckley

Just what did a nemeton look like anyway? By Kristen Erskine

Celts, Romans and Germans in the Rhineland by Michael Nelson

The ancient Celts: classical perceptions and modern definitions by David Sheehan

‘Celts in the Gobi desert’: a linguistico-archaeological mess by Aedeen Cremin

Celts in History

Gendering the foundation myths of Scotland in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries by Michelle Smith

Edmund Burke and Mary Wollstonecraft’s Irish education by Mary Spongberg

Eamhain Mhacha in this world and in the otherworld by Penny Pollard

Myth and legend in the landscape of the Rhondda Valley, south Wales, as a source of cultural identity by Graham Aubrey

‘And anyway she was always going about with the Mother of God’: the Brigid and Mary stories in Gaelic culture by Mary O’Connell

Celts in Law

The idea of continuation and extinguishment of ‘Welsh’ customary land law in the face of Norman-English conquest and legal regime change by Michael Stuckey

The Welsh laws of women by Gwenyth Richards

The Scottish Highlands and the conscience of the nation, 1886 to 2003 by Ewen A Cameron

Celts in Literature

Irish myths: fantastic nonsense or a real record of astronomical catastrophes? by Patrick McCafferty

Imperial Roman elements in the architecture of the city in Saltair na Rann by Tessa Morrison

Fiction, feminism and the ‘Celtic Church’: the Sister Fidelma novels of Peter Tremayne by Carole Cusack

Morgan le Fay: Celtic origins and literary images by Dominique Beth Wilson

Wicca in Eileanan and the problems of history by Lauren Bernauer

Celts in the Diaspora

Irish and Scottish child migrants at Pinjarra: maintaining a Celtic identity by Paula-Lee M Magee

The Irish language in Australia: survey of a community language by Dymphna Lonergan

‘A class equal to any for making prosperous colonists...’: Ulster Protestant migrants in the Antipodes by Brad Patterson

‘Migrant fairies’: an anthropological investigation of contemporary Celtic identity in the Australian setting as endorsed by mythical symbolism by Jeffrey Parker

Competing Celticities: Cornish and Irish constructions of Australia by Philip Payton

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484 pages
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ISBN: 9781742101897
Publication: 01 Jan 2010
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies