Language and Power in the Celtic World

Papers from the Seventh Australian Conference of Celtic Studies

Edited by Anders Ahlqvist and Pamela O'Neill

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Format: paperback

ISBN: 9781742102344

Publication: 01 Jan 2011
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies
Publisher: The University of Sydney

Preface by Anders Ahlqvist & Pamela O’Neill

The Drinking of Blood in the Ritual Context of Mourning by Alexandra Bergholm

‘Saint Patrick’s Oath’ by Liam Breatnach

Literary History and the Medieval Canon in Wales by Helen Fulton

Some Eighteenth-century Developments in Scottish Gaelic Poetry by William Gillies

Causation in Medieval Irish Law by Jade Harman

The Connection Between Fenian Lays, Liturgical Chant, Recitative, and Dán Díreach: a Pre-Medieval Narrative Song Tradition by Aindrias Hirt

The Place of Women in Early Irish Society, with Special Reference to the Law of Marriage by Fergus Kelly

Lost & Found – Reinstating Playwright Edward Geoghegan (1813–1869) and his Most Controversial Play, The Hibernian Father (1844) by Gay Lynch & Janet Tepelosi

Reading with Rhydderch: Mabinogion Texts in Manuscript Context by Catherine McKenna

Is there Vowel Harmony in Irish and Scottish Gaelic? by Malachy McKenna

Cáin Adomnáin and the Lombards by Neil McLeod Sifting the Wreckage of Gaelic Culture in Victoria by Val Noone

Language Resilience and Self-Esteem by Pierre Noyer Conchobor and His Court at Emain by Tomás Ó Cathasaigh

Unravelling Time in Early Irish Law by Pamela O’Neill

Exile and Authority in Lebor Gabála Érenn by Veronica Phillips

The Early Welsh Harp Music of the Robert ap Huw Manuscript by Chris Ridgway

Bizarre, Grotesque and Macabre: Gender and Humour in Early Irish Hagiography by Celia Scott

From Repeal to Revolution: The Evolution of John Mitchel’s Political Thought 1843–48 by Andrew Shields

Format: paperback
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ISBN: 9781742102344
Publication: 01 Jan 2011
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies