Celts and their Cultures at Home and Abroad

A Festschrift for Malcolm Broun

Edited by Anders Ahlqvist and Pamela O'Neill

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Format: paperback
380 pages
ISBN: 9781742103280

Publication: 01 Jan 2013
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies
Publisher: The University of Sydney

Preface by Anders Ahlqvist & Pamela O’Neill

Old Irish no· by Anders Ahlqvist

In Pursuit of the Hand of Madeleine de Valois: The European Marriage Negotiations of James V of Scotland I517–1536 by Lorna G. Barrow

Scottish Migration to Ulster during the ‘Seven III Years’ of the 1690s by Karen J. Cullen

Irish suide / -side ‘the aforementioned’ by Aaron Griffith

The Murder of the Archbishop of St Andrews and its Place in the Politics of Religion in Restoration Scotland and England by Marcus K. Harmes

Two Fragments of Auraicept na nÉces in the Irish Franciscan Archive: Context and Content by Deborah Hayden

An Examination of the Recent Reconceptualising of Woodlands in Scotland from the Last Ice Age to the Present by Sybil M. Jack

Celticity in the Works of William Shakespeare by Charles W. Macquarrie

Ón and airliciud: Loans in Medieval lrish Law by Neil McLeod

‘What are you talking about?’ Tochmarc Ailbe and Courtship Flytings by Daniel F. Melia

‘The Canny Scot’ Rev. John Dunmore Lang and the Largs Controversy by Tessa Morrison

The Meaning of Muirbolc: A Gaelic Toponymic Mystery by Pamela O’Neill

William Cobbett’s Scotophobia by Gordon Pentland

‘The Original of the Portrait’ Irish Gothic and the Painted Image by Julie-Ann Robson

From Synthetic to Analytic? The Changing Use of Diminutive Expressions in Welsh by Karolina Rosiak

The Iconography of Sovereignty and Dynasty in Early Renaissance Britain by Katie Stevenson

Laoidh an Táilleir ‘The Ballad of the Tailor’: Sartorial Satire and Social Change in Eighteenth-Century Scotland by Natasha Sumner

Lost – and some Found: Scottish Gaelic Manuscripts in New South Wales by Alasdair & Brian Taylor

St Carthage in Australasia by Chris Watson

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 mm
380 pages
Copyright: © 2013
ISBN: 9781742103280
Publication: 01 Jan 2013
Series: Sydney Series in Celtic Studies