Living Twice

Sydney University alumni, staff and students and foreword by Shankari Chandran

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Format: paperback
334 pages
ISBN: 9781742105697

Publication: 01 Mar 2024

Publisher: The University of Sydney

Foreword by Shankari Chandran

All lives have two things in common: they begin and they end.

But within each life, there are thousands of little openings and little closings, all happening at once. The day you make the decision to move abroad; the moment a relationship comes to a close; the choice that changes the course of life as you know it. Through many twists and turns, from one passion, one person, one experience to the next, we live not just once, not even twice, but as many times as we may wish. A collection of diverse and unique voices, the stories in Living Twice will take you on a journey through intriguing prologues and fulfilling epilogues. This anthology cradles the expressions of life itself: the rollercoaster that is growing up; experiences of loving and of being loved; and the hope we hold for new beginnings.

Shankari Chandran is an Australian Tamil lawyer and the author of the novels Safe Haven (2024), Chai Time at Cinnamon Gardens (2022, Miles Franklin Literary Award 2023), Song of the Sun God (2022), The Barrier (2017) and Unfinished Business (2024, Audible). Her work explores dispossession, erasure and the value of community. She is the deputy chair of Writing NSW and lives in Sydney with her husband and four children.

The University of Sydney Anthology is created, curated and produced by publishing students.

  • Foreword by Shankari Chandran
  • Acknowledgments

  • Living Twice by Ray Zhou
  • The Tower by Kelsey Goldsbro
  • Charlotte by Alex Ma
  • Museum Logistics by Kate Leckie
  • Dream Girl by Kelsey Goldsbro
  • XV11 RX by Kelsey Goldsbro
  • Missive from Medusa by Kate Leckie
  • Once Upon a Time on a Red-Light Street by Sharmila Jayasinghe
  • Six Yards of Expectation by Janika Fernando
  • Family Packed by Anna Liang
  • Pages of Time by Komal Gupta
  • Shelter by Tom Evans
  • Seashells on Sand by Eeshita
  • Nocturne by Phil Nondum
  • Tim by Josie Lu
  • Life in a Museum by Isla Scott
  • Dead Things in the Dark by Samantha Bowers
  • Protanopia by Jannet Xie
  • Special Intimacies by Sally Chik
  • Stitched by Jannet Xie
  • Climax by Mabel G. Rytmeister
  • Mio Babbino by Katherine Rosonakis
  • A Ghost’s Rumination by Maysa Amy Sarkis
  • The Philippine Eagle by Harold Legaspi
  • Shimmering Tears: Unveiling the Teardrop by Janika Fernando
  • hatching by Jem Rice
  • Losing the Blue Lotus: A New Year by Janika Fernando
  • The Waterbearer by Holly Ford
  • My Grandfather the Soothsayer by Sharmila Jayasinghe
  • Ipomoea Alba by I.C. Kaluza
  • After Samara by Tara E. Berg
  • Lost Boy by Samantha Bowers
  • The Story that Ends Before It Begins by Jennifer Scarini
  • Transformed by Memi Adams
  • A Mercurial Ending by Emma Murphy
  • Death & a Projector by Matthew Platakos
  • A Poor Substitute by Michael Kowalczyk-Barker
  • Sleep by Jannet Xie
  • Echoes of the Guslar by Dunja Dudic
  • The Forgotten Guest by Alex Ma
  • To Story by Mabel G. Rytmeister
  • The End of Art? by Phil Nondum
  • Sometimes I Worry... by Kate Leckie
  • Les cendres de l’auteur by Maxwell K. Han
  • The Good Samaritan by Tom Evans
  • Of Course I Have Known Pain! by Zoe Morris
  • Scars of the Wayfarer by Gil Kerr
  • Quiet the Racket, Sport by Gautam Mishra
  • Deucalion and Pyrrha by Zara Hussain
  • The Fisherman’s Son by Vanessa Vu
  • Unending by Mabel G. Rytmeister

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Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 mm
334 pages
Copyright: © 2024
ISBN: 9781742105697
Publication: 01 Mar 2024