Cellar Door

The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2008

Edited by University of Sydney Master of Publishing Students

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Format: paperback
220 pages
ISBN: 9781920899233

Publication: 16 Oct 2008

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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‘Open it up, this catalogue of memory in black-and-white, where the mind may wander ...’

Take the passage through the cellar door, as the pages of this anthology lead you down dark steps into a room lit up with ideas, words and wonder. Skip across continents, see colour anew, dress in the costumes of loved ones or fall through the earth into a world below.

The University of Sydney's Master of Publishing students bring you a selection of creative works from our finest emerging writers.

Rhyll McMaster

  1. The webs that we weave
    Amelia Walkley
  2. Show time
    Adrian Richardson
  3. The adventures of Ann Aurora
    Rosa Campbell
  4. Marine Parade
    Matthew Fenwick
  5. I see you everywhere
    Maria El-Chami
  6. Exhale
    Raymond Baltas
  7. Fiend
    Nicole Chunge
  8. Chicken
    Colin Dray
  9. Five blocks
    Katia Audencial
  10. Paths
    Amelia Walkley
  11. Moon
    Ruth Stubbings
  12. A stately procession
    Siang Lu
  13. Untitled
    Raymond Baltas
  14. Swimming
    Christopher Roche
  15. Cold snap
    Theodore Ell
  16. The mending
    Barbara Hatten
  17. The house by the mouth of the river
    Lauren Arcamone
  18. Moon, she a coin
    Amelia Walkley
  19. Summer is
    Amelia Walkley
  20. The redness of red
    Rachel Olding
  21. Dreaming (a palindrome)
    Lauren Arcamone
  22. Pardon the scherzo
    Theodore Ell
  23. Greed ain’t good
    John Walsh
  24. Loving war
    Cale Leslie Hubble
  25. Windows
    Lyn Vellins
  26. Picture
    Raymond Baltas
  27. The delivery
    Claire Marnane
  28. Moth
    Amelia Walkley
  29. Two ways
    Cathleen Inkpin
  30. My dearest, darling Beatrix …
    Amelia Walkley
  31. Tangled
    Rachel Barratt
  32. Train
    Jack Crittenden
  33. Stained-glass windows
    Simone de Simone
  34. One of many days in oncology
    Nathan Droguett
  35. Not without vision
    Christine Greaves
  36. A full circle
    Zainab Rifaath Anver
  37. Stationary
    Hannah Croke
  38. Roach’s inheritance
    Raymond Baltas
  39. Fading
    Joan Short
  40. Borrower
    Lauren Arcamone
  41. Dead bird
    Alicia Gilmore
  42. Product(s) of the past
    Tara N. McKenzie


‘The collection includes some excellent stories: Matthew Fenwick’s “Marine Parade”, Barbara Hatten’s “The Mending”, Joan Short’s “Fading” and “A Full Circle” by Zainah Rifaath Anver are substantial and powerful. …’

‘The standout talent in in this collection is poet Theodore Ell, whose poems “Cold Snap” and “Pardon the Scherzo” show a loving familiarity with the history of poetry in England, as well as great confidence and skill with poetic techniques and forms.’

Sydney Morning Herald, 3 January 2009


Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 mm
220 pages
4 b&w illustrations
Copyright: © 2008
ISBN: 9781920899233
Publication: 16 Oct 2008