A Story of Life in West Australia

John Boyle O'Reilly

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Format: paperback
280 pages
ISBN: 9781920897031

Publication: 01 Dec 2003
Series: Classic Australian Works
Publisher: Sydney University Press

Originally serialised in The Pilot as Moondyne Joe in 1878, and subsequently reprinted in book form, this is the story of a convict called Moondyne, a name given him by Indigenous Australians who help him escape and also share the existence of vast amounts of gold with him.

Book first: the gold mine of the Vasse
1. The land of the red line
2. The convict road party
3. Number 406
4. Bond and free
5. The Koagulup Swamp
6. The bribe
7. The iron-stone mountains
8. The king of the Vasse
9. A dark night and day
10. On the trail

Book second: the sandalwood trade
1. The mate of the Canton
2. Countermining the miner
3. The sandalwood agency
4. The teamsters’ tavern
5. In search of his sorrow
6. The door of the cell
7. Millbank
8. Sir Joshua Hobb’s convict mill
9. Mr Wyville
10. The upas tree

Book third: Alice Walmsley
1. Miserere!
2. A flower in the cell
3. Following a dark spirit
4. Mr Haggett
5. Two heads against one
6. Female transports
7. After nine years

Book fourth: the convict ship
1. The parliamentary committee
2. Harriet Draper
3. A captain for the Houguemont
4. Captain Samuel Draper
5. Koro and Tapairu
6. The child’s grave
7. The sailing of the Houguemont
8. Face to face
9. How a prisoner might break a bar
10. Dead sea fruit
11. The fever
12. Husband and wife
13. Woman’s love and hatred
14. The darkness of desolation
15. The new penal law
16. A prisoner at large

Book fifth: the valley of the Vasse
1. Alice Walmsley’s new home
2. Sooner or later a man must face his sins
3. Walking in the shadow
4. The meeting
5. Mr Wyville faces a storm
6. The valley of the Vasse
7. The convict’s pass
8. The bush fire

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 15 mm
280 pages
2 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 9781920897031
Publication: 01 Dec 2003
Series: Classic Australian Works