Here's Another

Lennie Lower

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Format: paperback
102 pages
ISBN: 9781920897468

Publication: 01 Aug 2004
Series: SUP Classics
Publisher: Sydney University Press

Here's Another was published in 1932 and consists of comic articles selected from Lower's regular newspaper contributions.

Leonard Waldemere (Lennie) Lower (1903?-1947) was a houmourist and newspaper columnist from Dubbo, at one time being considered 'Australia's funniest writer'.

  1. The last of the Thomases
  2. Perils of the bathtub
  3. What bread is and how to use it
  4. Trout season now open for silver fishermen
  5. Love and politics
  6. Overcoming class consciousness
  7. Banking: how she works
  8. Currency based on experience
  9. Anzac night in the Gardens
  10. Lower turns highbrow
  11. All cracked at the Town Hall
  12. The butchers’ picnic
  13. Untrue facts about snakes
  14. Bradman and the burglar
  15. Our outing in the hobo line
  16. Drinks with a kick in them
  17. Must drink beer
  18. How topping, by Jove, what!
  19. Milk Board
  20. New opera
  21. Every cloud has a wet lining
  22. Don’s boyhood friends
  23. On inflation: just what is wrong at the moment
  24. The wallabies of Willoughby
  25. Kleptomaniacs
  26. Firemen often go to blazes: others remain in smoke
  27. A tip for the Treasurer: making money with bicycles
  28. Money box as bait
  29. Golf on the ocean wave
  30. How can you tell if you are silly?
  31. New points on prickly pear
  32. The bachelor’s guide to the care of the young
  33. Losers and lottery
  34. Left with the loot
  35. These erudite barbers
  36. A and Y ambitions at school left us cold
  37. A lesson on lions
  38. Wool and what it all means
  39. Topweight snail’s great run
  40. English, as she is spoke, are dreadful
  41. Unpaid taxes
  42. Rules for husbands
  43. Lower Khayyam tells of Cup: he lets Julius cease and Byron bay
  44. An appeal for moderation
  45. Golf
  46. Can you bite the back of your own neck?
  47. An admission of ancestry: how one becomes reincarnated
  48. Bananas in bootees
  49. Simple talk on dress
  50. This gland cure
  51. Girls, how to acquire ‘it’: free beauty secrets
  52. Rabbits, if you like
  53. Substantial meals: recipes from the jungle
  54. Opposition for Sydney ferries
  55. The circus awareness
  56. Flat heads, or fat heads: disquisition on phrenology
  57. Let’s become purer
  58. Train turtles for profit
  59. Chances we missed
  60. Men must pay heavily to be beautiful
  61. Why is a whale?
  62. Wagers that are worth making: an easy way to get rid of undesirables
  63. Pedestrians of rubber: and other useful inventions
  64. Personality, character, determination
  65. Love and kisses
  66. Lonely sardine
  67. ‘We melt in tears’
  68. The oyster at home
  69. About frogs
  70. A lower standard
  71. Talking of worms
  72. Visit to the Zoo
  73. How to discover a gold mine
  74. Understand?
  75. About fires
  76. The terrors of wealth
  77. What gold is: how to get it and where it is
  78. Making money out of dogs
  79. Ambition and success
  80. A noble art of argument
  81. The very latest in fish yarns: just a minute!

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 8 mm
102 pages
ISBN: 9781920897468
Publication: 01 Aug 2004
Series: SUP Classics