Copyright Law, Digital Content and the Internet in the Asia-Pacific

Edited by Brian Fitzgerald, Fuping Gao, Damien O'Brien, and Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi

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436 pages
ISBN: 9781920898724

Publication: 01 Apr 2008

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Copyright Law, Digital Content and the Internet in the Asia-Pacific provides a unique insight into the key issues facing copyright law and digital content policy in a networked information world. It emanates from a landmark conference – The First International Forum on the Content Industry and Intellectual Property – organised by Queensland University of Technology, The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation and East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai in 2007.

The book features chapters from a wide range of experts in their respective fields from across the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore. Some of the areas examined include the new digital environment, digital content policy, the networked information economy, copyright law and new media. The book provides a timely and scholarly appraisal of the legal and policy considerations facing anyone trying to regulate, sponsor or utilise the vast array of new media and content platforms now available.

'This collection of scholarly papers will prove to be a valuable resource for students, practitioners, judges and anyone interested in understanding some of the challenging issues, which new technologies have created for the law.'
Chief Justice Zhipei Jiang, Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China

Brian Fitzgerald is an Australian legal academic and barrister, specialising in intellectual property and information technology.

Table of key cases
Table of key legislation and international conventions

Part 1: the new digital environment
1. From moustaches to MySpaces
John Howkins
2. The judicial protection of copyright on the internet in the People’s Republic Of China
C.J. Zhipei Jiang

Part 2: digital content policy and the networked information economy
3. A legal framework for the development of the content industry in the People’s Republic Of China
Fuping Gao
4. Internet content policy and regulation in Australia
Peter Coroneos
5. Regulation of the interactive digital media industry in Singapore
Daniel Seng
6. Why emerging business models and not copyright law are the key to monetising content online
Eric Priest
7. Internet content provider licences in the People’s Republic of China’s internet industry: a practical perspective
Wentao Sha and Difei Yu
8. Improving the regulative environment to facilitate the exploitation of information resources in the People’s Republic of China
Xiao-Li Zhi and Fuping Gao

Part 3: copyright law, new media and the future
9. Copyright 2010: the future of copyright law
Brian Fitzgerald
10. The new right of communication through the information network in the People’s Republic of China
Qian Wang
11. Copyright challenges for user generated intermediaries: Viacom v YouTube and Google
Damien O’Brien
12. Copyright law reform and the information society in Indonesia
Christoph Antons
13. Chinese copyright law, peer production and the participatory media age: an old regime in a new world
Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi
14. Creative Commons licence: an alternative solution to copyright in the new media arena
Chunyan Wang
15. Criminalizing primary copyright infringement in Singapore: who are the real online culprits
Saw Cheng Lim and Susanna H.S. Leong
16. The Australia–China Free Trade Agreement: implications for intellectual property law
Jane Ogge-Cowan
17. New hope for consumers of digital copyright material in Hong Kong
Yee Fen Lim
18. Copyright protection in the People’s Republic of China
Chao Xu
19. Criminal infringement of copyright: the Big Crook case
Steven Gething
20. Civil jurisdiction, intellectual property and the internet
Brian Fitzgerald and Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi


'This book is a useful resource for attorneys and legal scholars who have a particular interest in the intellectual property law of this broad region.'
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