ARNA 2013

Edited by Lane Sainty and Alberta McKenzie

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Format: paperback
136 pages
ISBN: 9781921364501

Publication: 04 Oct 2013
Series: ARNA
Publisher: Sydney University Press

A new edition of ARNA – a unique and progressive journal that showcases the voices of Sydney University's Arts students and promotes a diversity of style and form across multiple creative and literary mediums.

Foreword by Alberta McKenzie and Lane Sainty

1. Heartbreak hotel by Joel Mak
2. Meiosis – the unidentical daughter cell by Deeba Binai
3. A paean to youth and death in three parts by Charlie O’Grady
4. Letter to the apocalypse by Phoebe Chen
5. His winter jacket by Mariana Podesta-Diverio
6. Exposure by Oscar Monaghan
7. Alzheimer’s by Angela Rose
8. Olive skin by Harriet McInerney
9. How to fix a watch by Harriet McInerney
10. Exit interviews for jobs they don’t advertise by Peter Walsh
11. Any other day by Rebecca Georgiades
12. Rib by Hal Conyngham
13. Enduring by Maddie Houlbrook-Walk
14. The human festival Drew Rooke
15. Ellie by Micaela Brookman
16. Isa by Micaela Brookman
17. Untitled (36 tetrahedra) by Sara Morawetz
18. Lottery series by Sara Morawetz
19. Kazaridaru by Alexandra Banks
20. Takeshita-dori by Alexandra Banks
21. Man playing erhu by Shuhan Li
22. Unravel series by Kat Beaton
23. Sapa Hills by William Hade
24. Mengenang by Ezreena Yahya
25. A splash of rain by Theodora Yip
26. Shine a light by Katherine Johns
27. Landscape of farmers by Aletheia Casey and Enrico Gaoni
28. Pink girl on shore by Aletheia Casey and Enrico Gaoni
29. The overlapping lovers by Bec Eames
30. In weather like this by Joel Mak
31. Aturan main by Tamasin Young
32. Rules of the game Translation by Tamasin Young
33. The killer’s postcard is missing by Zenobia Wilde
34. by Dover Dubosarsky
35. Comic endings by Gabriella Edelstein
36. Peter and Laura by Troy Wong
37. Complaints department by Evelyn Araluen Corr
38. A time by Angela Collins
39. Partings by Julia Clark
40. Fossils of the stars by Brendan O’Shea
41. Korean food, room for rent by Blythe S. Worthy
42. The runner by D.L. Keenan
43. The party by Andrew Lee

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 8 mm
136 pages
11 b&w illustrations and 5 colour illustrations
Copyright: © 2013
ISBN: 9781921364501
Publication: 04 Oct 2013
Series: ARNA