ARNA 2009

Editor-in-chief Callie Henderson and Nancy Lee

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Format: paperback
140 pages
ISBN: 9781921364105

Publication: 06 Oct 2009
Series: ARNA
Publisher: Sydney University Press

A year after its 2008 resurrection from the archives, ARNA is back to stimulate and literate with analytical essays of depth and insight, creative stories of humour and intelligence, poetry of loss and love, social commentary and reflective satire.

Callie Henderson

  1. Loud house
    Rosa Valerie Campbell
  2. Casual Friday
    Courtney Tight
  3. Consuming ‘man candy’: teen idols and the feminine adolescent gaze
    Bridie Connellan
  4. Heil Hitler!
    Michael Barnes
  5. Man as art: on seeing Monet and the Impressionists
    Sam Lewin
  6. Untitled I
    Audrey Menezes
  7. Silence is golden?
    Gillian Brooks
  8. Picking up the pages: an analysis of the materiality of magazines
    Joy Enriquez
  9. A momentary reflection
    Christina Bullbrook
  10. Driving, and late
    Sam Moginie
  11. Epiphany at 40
    Luz Hincapié
  12. Double entendre
    Mark Yeow
  13. ‘Pearls and a pacifier please!’: dress-ups, dolls and donning nanna’s dishy couture
    Bridie Connellan
  14. Something I didn’t know about you
    Hannah Lee
  15. Bittersweet discovery
    Pip Muratore
  16. Harmony at £3.95
    Sam Lewin
  17. The emasculation of divorced dads
    Monique Ewen
  18. Women in the sin bin
    Ruby Prosser Scully
  19. Gettier’s problem
    Michael Barnes
  20. Dandelions
    Veronica Wagner
  21. Dada: a nihilistic gesture
    Michelle Lee
  22. Fashion me
    Daniel Sleiman
  23. Dog
    Amelia Dale
  24. Dear one, I turned your back into a tree
    Nicole McNamara
  25. My Soviet mind
    Madeleine Watts
  26. The passing hour
    Veronica Wagner
  27. Humula
    Cassandra Taylor
  28. Walter and Millie
    Tinny Hon
  29. A self-reflexive cycle
    Paul Ellis
  30. Our souls are shadows
    Nicole McNamara

Nancy Lee

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 8 mm
140 pages
9 b&w illustrations
Copyright: © 2009
ISBN: 9781921364105
Publication: 06 Oct 2009
Series: ARNA