The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2010

Editorial coordination by Katherine Fitzpatrick

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Format: paperback
202 pages
ISBN: 9781920899677

Publication: 25 Oct 2010

Publisher: Sydney University Press

Sandstone pillars loom as the student approaches. Up the steps and beyond the gates, along the well-trodden path through the university. Familiar buildings, favourite coffee carts, stone gargoyles, chalk-covered paths - all the same. The mind wanders, imagination takes over; thoughts become words, ideas blur into images. Student becomes creator.

This anthology showcases new writing and art from students of the University of Sydney. Sydney's Master of Publishing students invite you to enjoy this collection of poems, photographs, stories, essays and narrative non-fiction.


Matthew Reilly

The voice
Edita Pahor
Sharpening sticks
Daniel Jenkins
Far from the wolfpack
Jimmy Andrews
A considerate sort of man
Lauren Cammack
Tammy Wong
A Tuesday night in June
Alison Gibson
In praise of feet
Nadia Menon
’Til the boys come home
Agnes Bairstow
This harbour
Theodore Ell
Circular motion
Melissa Lee
The incoming tide
Suzanne Brown
Poets don’t do gym
Isabel Robinson
The shady side: her life in Taipei
Nadeemy Chen
Victoria Brookman
New bones
Amy Brown
Amy German
Amy German
Katie Henderson-Brooks
The start
Connie Theresa Ye
Countdown to an emigration
James Nathaniel-Grant
The professor and the poet
Tina Tin Lap Leung
Out of Egypt
Cathleen Inkpin
I am a writer
Conor Bateman
Edita Pahor
In stormy visions
Elisabeth Murray
A lovely riverside place
Mick Beltran
Bella May
Harriet Westcott
Jimmy Andrews
Liz goes to beauty school
Nadia Menon
The boy king
Michelle Retford
Supersized me
Rebecca F. Thompson
Ode to CityRail suburban carriages (K set), Emu Plains to Chatswood on the Western Link
Kat de Jong
The future of books: from Gutenberg to gadgets
Michelle Willoughby


Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 12 mm
202 pages
36 b&w illustrations
Copyright: © 2010
ISBN: 9781920899677
Publication: 25 Oct 2010