The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2007

Foreword by Elizabeth Webby

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Format: paperback
244 pages
ISBN: 9781920898731

Publication: 25 Oct 2007

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Loose threads that are dropped on one journey are picked up on another and woven into the delicate fabric we each wrap around ourselves. To hold the threads together - to tell a yarn - suggests that we are all weavers of a kind. University of Sydney students contributed their work to this new anthology, and in their unique ways, each writer has taken up a strand of human fibre and woven it into the resulting stories, poems and essays.

Elizabeth Webby is Professor Emerita of English at the University of Sydney.

Elizabeth Webby

  1. Unhappenings
    Natalia Savvides
  2. Blood plums in the snow
    Katrina Huang
  3. When the morning comes
    Daniel Whittemore
  4. House arrest
    Lukasz Swiatek
  5. Water blossoms
    Elwin Cross
  6. On the way to dusk
    Vesna Leto
  7. Even that could be Alonso
    Anthea Emma England
  8. Almost human
    Richard Whitten
  9. The toy-box
    Georgia Flynn
  10. Cherished objectivity
    Emily Chong
  11. The perfect boy
    Pegah Hadisadegh
  12. The silent sea punishes me
    Daniel Whittemore
  13. Two bites of the cherry
    Lyn Vellins
  14. Lightning
    Claire Hansen
  15. The house that she built
    Justin Ker
  16. The printed word – a life story
    Cassandra Gercken
  17. Philosophy unplugged
    Michael Barnes
  18. Broken bough
    Eric Eigner
  19. The sunflower
    Amelia Dale
  20. Black education
    Wayne Cook
  21. Home
    Catherine Magoffin
  22. The Great War, the soldier, and the holy Anzac spirit
    Renee Lockwood
  23. Two shacks
    Micah Horton
  24. Country teacher
    Micah Horton
  25. Monogamy
    Joan Margaret Short
  26. Naomi at home
    Micah Horton
  27. Mother
    Lyn Vellins
  28. Earthbound
    Lyn Vellins
  29. Tangle of thorns
    Daile P. Hope
  30. Actor under occupation
    Natalia Savvides
  31. Meeting Al
    Joan Short
  32. Dranreb
    Lyn Vellins
  33. An island with two hills
    Nicky Hughes
  34. Domestic squabble
    David Blight
  35. Lasciate Speranza
    Phillip Muratore
  36. Fallen avocadoes and things nobody knows
    M.E. Soós
  37. When my neighbours are asleep
    Matthew Ji Xing Cai
  38. Venus to the fury
    Fiona Tweedie
  39. Final kiss
    Karyn Meaker
  40. Fairground
    Rosie Findlay
  41. Threads
    Amelia Schmidt


Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 14 mm
244 pages
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ISBN: 9781920898731
Publication: 25 Oct 2007