Migration and Cultural Contact: Germany and Australia

Edited by Andrea Bandhauer and Maria Veber

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Format: paperback
264 pages
ISBN: 9781920898632

Publication: 01 Feb 2010

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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The collected essays in Migration and Cultural Contact: Germany and Australia investigate historical documents, letters, film, literature and other cultural sources to reveal how each country influenced the culture, intellectual thought and aesthetics of the other from earliest colonial times through to today.

Opening with the cultural and religious legacy of Carl Strehlow's missionary work at Hermannsburg, its impact on Freud's cultural anthropology and DaDa, the book investigates the different aspects of the German presence in Australia: from the 19th-century migrations to the 'enemy aliens' of two world wars. Other essays explore representations of Australia in the German literary imagination: is it Europe's Utopia or Paradise Lost?

Andrea Bandhauer is a senior lectuerer in Germanic studies at the University of Sydney.

Maria Veber is a member of the academic teaching staff in the Germanic studies department at the University of Sydney.

Editors’ note
Some ideas about forms of cultural contact resulting from German-Australian migration
 Andrea Bandhauer and Maria Veber

Part 1: cultural disseminations of missionary ethnography
1. Missionary scholarship and cultural theory: Carl Strehlow’s Aboriginal studies in the context of European knowledge discourses on taboo and totemism
 Ortrud Gutjahr
2. Dada among the missionaries: sources of Tristan Tzara’s ‘Poèmes Nègres’
 Walter F. Veit

Part 2: living the mission – religious disseminations
3. Carl Strehlow’s mission
 Anna Kenny
4. Missionary love and duty: Frieda Keysser’s and Carl Strehlow’s letters of courtship 1894–1895
 Andrea Bandhauer and Maria Veber

Part 3: narratives of national and cultural identity
5. Debating the ‘German Presence’ in Australia: notes on research and research desiderata
 Gerhard Fischer
6. German Anzacs and the First World War
 John F. Williams
7. Land ownership, indenture and a ‘migration-prone’ personality: aspects of the emigration from the Duchy of Nassau to Australia in the 19th century
 Kathrine M. Reynolds
8. The German accounts of Cook’s voyages
 Fredericka van der Lubbe

Part 4: imaginations of Australia in German literature
9. ‘Wen die Schande einmal gefaßt hat …’: Therese Huber’s Abentheuer auf einer Reise nach Neu-Holland and the question of guilt
 Judith Wilson
10. Europe’s utopia or paradise lost? The depiction of Australia in Urs Widmer’s Liebesbrief für Mary [Love Letter for Mary]
 Birte Giesler

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