Access to Public Sector Information Volume 1

Law, Technology and Policy

Edited by Brian Fitzgerald

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Format: paperback
374 pages
ISBN: 9781920899394

Publication: 29 Jun 2010

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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On the back of the growing capacity of networked digital information technologies to process and visualise large amounts of information in a timely, efficient and user-driven manner, we have seen an increasing demand for better access to and re-use of public sector information. The story is not a new one. Share knowledge and together we can do great things; limit access and we reduce the potential for opportunity.

The two volumes of this book seek to explain and analyse the global shift in the way we manage public sector information. In doing so they collect and present papers, reports and submissions on the topic by the leading authors and institutions from across the world. These provide people tasked with mapping out and implementing information policy with reference material and practical guidance.

Volume 1 draws together papers on the topic by policymakers, academics and practitioners. The volumes are sold separately and as a set.

Brian Fitzgerald is an Australian legal academic and barrister, specialising in intellectual property and information technology.



Volume 1:
1. Access to and re-use of public sector information
 Brian Fitzgerald
2. Innovation and open access to public sector information
 Terry Cutler
3. The economics of public sector information
 Rufus Pollock
4. Open access and public sector information: policy developments in Australia and key jurisdictions
 Anne Fitzgerald
5. Enabling open access to public sector information with Creative Commons licences: the Australian experience
 Anne Fitzgerald, Neale Hooper and Brian Fitzgerald
6. NZ government information policy and data re-use project background paper
 Keitha Booth
7. Charting success and navigating the challenges in the PSI world
 Carol Tullo
8. PSI policy principles: European best practice
 Chris Corbin
9. UK public sector information and re-use policy: a 2008 analysis
 Stephen Saxby
10. Government data and the invisible hand
 David Robinson, Harlan Yu, William P. Zeller and Edward W. Felten
11. Policy guidelines for the development and promotion of governmental public domain information
 Paul Uhlir
12. Rationale for access to public sector information
 Fiona Stanley
13. Public sector information access policies in Europe
 Frederika Welle Donker
14. Data access in Canada:
 Tracey P. Lauriault and Hugh McGuire
15. An evidence-free zone
 Jamie Boyle
16. Information interoperability, government and open standards
 Anne Fitzgerald and Kylie Pappalardo
17. Economic issues in funding and supplying public sector information
 John S. Cook


‘This book would be a great addition to any reference or government information collection, particularly one emphasizing the intersection of public sector information and open access licensing for multimedia content. Any interdisciplinary study of copyright and fair use, whether related directly to public sector information or to the Internet in general, would also benefit greatly from this title.’
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ISBN: 9781920899394
Publication: 29 Jun 2010