Youth Sport in Australia

Edited by Steve Georgakis and Kate Russell

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Format: paperback
308 pages
ISBN: 9781920899646

Publication: 15 Mar 2011

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Sport plays an important role in the cultural and social identity of Australians. Its potential to influence the physical, social, personal and moral development of youth is of ongoing interest to teachers, coaches, policymakers, researchers and parents.

Based on recent research, Youth Sport in Australia provides an overview of contemporary issues related to youth sport that affect the experience and participation of youth, and create lifelong attitudes to physical activity.

Youth Sport in Australia explores the history and policy development of youth sport in the Australian context, the role of sport and physical education in private and public schools, and community clubs. The book investigates the conflict between elite and grassroots sport and its repercussions on policymaking and youth involvement in sport, and the impact of coaches on youth sport participation. It looks at child protection issues, the construction of gender and body image, and the experiences of Indigenous and marginalised. It examines the influence of media and sporting celebrities on young people, and reviews the research methodology of youth sport studies.

Youth Sport in Australia will be an invaluable resource for teachers, coaches, policymakers and researchers in sport sociology, sport history, sport and youth studies.

Kate Russell is a senior lecturer in health education and sport psychology at the University of Sydney.

Steve Georgakis is a senior lecturer in health education and primary education at the University of Sydney.

Steve Georgakis and Kate Russell
About the contributors

  1. Making sense of Australian sporting history
    Daryl Adair
  2. The role of educational institutions in Australian sport
    Steve Georgakis
  3. Sport policy in Australia
    Matthew Nicholson and Russell Hoye
  4. Accessing youth sport in Australia: schools and clubs
    Richard Light
  5. Compulsory heterosexuality and the construction of femininity and masculinity: issues of performance versus presentation
    Kate Russell
  6. Sport, the body and boys’ constructions of masculinity
    Murray Drummond
  7. Can anybody play? An introduction to the sociology of sport and disability
    Nikki Wedgwood
  8. A critical history of the Gay Games movement
    Kellie Burns
  9. Black and white in Australian sport
    Colin Tatz
  10. Beach sports
    Douglas Booth
  11. The role of physical education in promoting sport participation in school and beyond
    Murray Drummond and Shane Pill
  12. Are schools responsible for engaging youth in sport and physical activity?
    Louise Peralta
  13. Factors influencing talent identification and athlete development in youth sport
    Donna O’Connor
  14. Coaching and adherence issues in youth sport
    Andrew Bennie
  15. Seen but not heard: child protection in sport
    Kate Russell
  16. The media, body image and youth sport
    Kate Russell
  17. Celebrity, popular culture and sport
    Bob Petersen
  18. Research methodology for youth sport
    Rachel Wilson


Format: paperback
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308 pages
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ISBN: 9781920899646
Publication: 15 Mar 2011