Copyright Future Copyright Freedom

Marking the 40th Anniversary of the Commencement of Australia's Copyright Act 1968

Edited by Brian Fitzgerald and Benedict Atkinson

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Format: paperback
260 pages
ISBN: 9781920899714

Publication: 14 Apr 2011

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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If copyright law does not liberate us from restrictions on the dissemination of knowledge, if it does not encourage expressive freedom, what is its purpose?

This volume offers the thinking and suggestions of some of the finest minds grappling with the future of copyright regulation. The Copyright Future Copyright Freedom conference, held in 2009 at Old Parliament House, Canberra, brought together Lawrence Lessig, Julie Cohen, Leslie Zines, Adrian Sterling, Sam Ricketson, Graham Greenleaf, Anne Fitzgerald, Susy Frankel, John Gilchrist, Michael Kirby and others to share the rich fruits of their experience and analysis. Zines, Sterling and Gilchrist outline their roles in the genesis and early growth of Australian copyright legislation, enriching the knowledge of anyone asking urgent questions about the future of information regulation.

Benedict Anderson previously practicised as a lawyer and worked in government contracting and legislative policy. He helped to implement the Commonwealth government's digital agenda reform program and his recommendations led to reform of the NSW government's administration of the copyright policy.

Brian Fitzgerald is an Australian legal academic and barrister, specialising in intellectual property and information technology.

Brian Fitzgerald
The Hon. Michael Kirby
Conference opening speech
The Hon. Robert McClelland
Introductory remarks
Brian Fitzgerald

Part 1: the commonwealth of copyright – Australia, New Zealand, Canada
1. Australia’s copyright history
Benedict Atkinson
2. The Spicer Committee (1958)
Leslie Zines
3. The Copyright Act 1968: its passing and achievements
Adrian Sterling
4. The Franki Committee (1976 report) and statutory licensing
John Gilchrist
5. A brief perspective: the history of copyright in New Zealand
Susy Frankel
6. ‘We are all developing countries’: Canada and international copyright history – fault lines in the map of international copyright
Sara Bannerman
7. Concluding comments: the Copyright Act 1968 40 years on
Sam Ricketson

Part 2: the united states of copyright
8. Remarks introducing keynote speaker Professor Lawrence Lessig
The Hon. Michael Kirby
9. ‘Culture wars’: getting to peace
Lawrence Lessig
10. Questions and answers following Professor Lessig’s address
Moderated by the Hon. Michael Kirby
11. Copyright and creativity
Julie E. Cohen

Part 3: innovation, access, transparency, fairness
12. Innovation policy
Terry Cutler
13. Relationship and communality: an indigenous perspective on knowledge and expression
Maroochy Barambah
14. Crown copyright
Anne Fitzgerald
15. The public domain
Graham Greenleaf
16. Adam Smith 2.0: emergent public goods, intellectual property and the rhetoric of remix
Nicholas Gruen
17. Current issues: national, regional and international perspectives
Adrian Sterling
18. Dinner address
Senator Kate Lundy
19. Copyright freedom: concluding remarks
Brian Fitzgerald

The Hon. Greg James, QC

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ISBN: 9781920899714
Publication: 14 Apr 2011