Social Work Field Education and Supervision Across Asia Pacific

Edited by Carolyn Noble and Mark Henrickson

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Format: paperback
412 pages
ISBN: 9781920899691

Publication: 27 Jun 2011

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Social work programs and schools are flourishing in every corner of the globe, but especially in east and south-east Asia.

Carolyn Noble is professor emerita at the Victoria University, Melbourne and inaugural professor of social work at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Sydney, Australia.

Mark Henrickson is an associate professor in social work at Massey University, Auckland.

Postscript to this edition

Setting the scene: from theory to context
1. Field education: supervision, curricula and teaching methods
Carolyn Noble
2. Current Australian programs for international field placements
Helen Cleak and Mim Fox
3. Collaboration between field education faculty and field supervisor in Korea [in Korean]
Soo Mi Jang

Placement experiences: from Indigenous to international
4. Indigenous social work education and training in Australia
Sue Green and Eileen Baldry
5. International student placements: working with the challenges and opportunities
Deborah West and Dan Baschiera
6. Australian social work students in Vietnam: the collision of cultural difference
Peter Garrity
7. A Vietnamese and Australian cross-cultural field placement using community arts to heal and prevent child trafficking
Amanda Nickson, Catherine Briscoe, Skye Maconachie and Michael Brosowski
8. Violence against women: critical feminist theory, social action and social work in the Philippines
Annalisa Enrile and Jennifer Nazareno
9. International field education and international social work: experiences of Australian and Belgian students in the Philippines
Nilan G. Yu
10. Community engagement: manager’s viewpoints
Patricia Hanlen
11. From Alaska to New Zealand: lessons from an international social work placement
Kathryn Hay, Mathew Keen, Marjorie Thomson and Janet Emerman

Responding to the policy environment
12. Social work field education in Taiwan: past, present and future [in Chinese]
Betty Y. Weng
13. A historical change in social work education and the problems of present practicum education in Japan [in Japanese]
Mazakasu Sirasawa

Supervision: from frameworks to practice
14. Ways of thinking about field education and supervision: building a critical perspective
Carolyn Noble
15. Learning opportunities of social work group supervision and peer learning
Rob Townsend, Natasha Long and Robyn Trainor
16. Use of self in practice: a framework for integrating personal and professional knowledge
Jay Marlowe and Shirley-Ann Chinnery
17. Social work student placements with external supervision: last resort or value-adding in Asia-Pacific?
Ines Zuchowski


'This book should appeal to social work programme educators, fieldwork supervisors as well as students. It offers a range of interesting debates, research and insights into the realities of social work student placements and field education.'
Karen Meadows-Taurua   Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work

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Publication: 27 Jun 2011