Optimal Strategies for Disaster and Hazard Mitigation

Proceedings of the International Forum on Engineering Decision Making Third IFED Forum 2007

Edited by Stuart Reid and Mark Stewart

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Format: paperback
104 pages
ISBN: 9781920898830

Publication: 01 Dec 2007

Publisher: Sydney University Press

IFED is sponsored and organized by the Five-University Consortium on Uncertainty, Risk and Decision Making in Engineering. Forums are held every 12-18 months, to provide an opportunity to share exciting developments, and to stimulate new initiatives in engineering decision making and risk analysis for engineering systems.

Mark Stewart is a professor of civil engineering and Director of the Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability at the University of Newcastle.

Stuart Reid is an associate professor of civil engineering at the University of Sydney.

Stuart Reid and Mark Stewart

  1. Assessment and mitigation of risk from low-probability, high-consequence hazards
    Bruce R. Ellingwood
  2. Development of a synthetic hurricane wind speed database for hazard analysis and risk studies
    David V. Rosowsky and Kyung Ho Lee
  3. Life safety risks and optimisation of protective measures for terrorist threats to built infrastructure
    Mark G. Stewart
  4. Risk-based decision-making for multi-hazard mitigation for woodframe residential construction
    Yue Li and Bruce R. Ellingwood
  5. Managing geotechnical hazards at various scales in urban soils using a 3D model
    A. Marache, S. Dominique, D. Breysse, J. Dubost and A. Denis
  6. Multi-attribute aspects for risk assessment of natural hazards
    Evan M. Hammel and Ross B. Corotis
  7. Conceptual dynamic response recovery model for emergency events
    Frederico Ferreira, Andre Dantas and Erica Seville
  8. Risk analysis of structures in presence of stochastic fields of deterioration: flowchart for coupling inspection results and structural reliability
    Franck Schoefs
  9. Decision in the face of risks: optimization of decision schedule
    Aurélie Talon and Daniel Boissier
  10. Hazard estimation with random fields
    Karl Breitung

Format: paperback
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104 pages
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ISBN: 9781920898830
Publication: 01 Dec 2007