Agricultural and Resource Policy

Principles and Practice

David Godden

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Format: paperback
Edition: First published in 1997 by Oxford University Press
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Publication: 29 May 2006

Publisher: Sydney University Press

Why do governments make decisions? How do governments make decisions? What are the economic consequences of the decisions that governments make?

Agricultural and resource policy is more than just theory, it is the application of economics to real world problems. Agricultural and Resource Policy develops a framework for analysis and investigates the issues that affect the sector internally and in interactions with the rest of the economy.

Agricultural and Resource Policy is an invaluable text for students of agriculture, economics and business. It is also an important reference for those interested in the continuing development of agricultural industry.

David Godden is an adjunct associate professor at the University of New England Business School.

Glossary of acronyms

Part 1: policy analysis framework
1. Governing the farm: economic efficiency foundations
2. Farming the government?: economic analyses of the policy process
3. Cultivating power: institutions of Australian agriculture and resource policy

Part 2: intrasectoral issues – input and product markets
4. Farm inputs: water and externalities
5. Research and development
6. Agricultural marketing: general issues
7. Agricultural marketing policy: case studies – wheat, wool, sugar
8. Marketing issues: value adding and food safety

Part 3: intrasectoral issues – structural change
9. Structural adjustment: European farming
10. Structural adjustment: Aborigines in the rural sector
11. Rural services

Part 4: intersectoral issues
12. Agriculture in an economy-wide context
13. Differential sectoral rates of protection
14. Microeconomic reform


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ISBN: 9781920898373
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