Animal Bones in Australian Archaeology

A Field Guide to Common Native and Introduced Species

Melanie Fillios and Natalie Blake

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192 pages
ISBN: 9781743324592

Publication: 09 Nov 2015
Series: Tom Austen Brown Studies in Australasian Archaeology
Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Zooarchaeology has emerged as a powerful way of reconstructing the lives of past societies. Through the analysis of animal bones found on a site, zooarchaeologists can uncover important information on the economy, trade, industry, diet, and other fascinating facts about the people who lived there.

Animal Bones in Australian Archaeology is an introductory bone identification manual written for archaeologists working in Australia. This field guide includes 16 species commonly encountered in both Indigenous and historical sites. Using diagrams and flow charts, it walks the reader step-by-step through the bone identification process. Combining practical and academic knowledge, the manual also provides an introductory insight into zooarchaeological methodology and the importance of zooarchaeological research in understanding human behaviour through time.

Melanie Fillios is a consulting archaeologist, faunal analyst and lecturer in archaeology at the University of New England.

Natalie Blake is a consulting archaeologist and a PhD student at the University of Sydney.

List of figures
Bone identification 101

1. Mandible
2. Scapula
3. Humerus
4. Radius
5. Ulna
6. Pelvis
7. Femur
8. Tibia
9. The extremities: hands and feet

Theoretical and practical applications in zooarchaeology
Works cited
Further reading

' ... it is a useful and functional guide to be used in the field. The presentation is logical and clear, and contains most of the essential introductory information you would need when trying to classify faunal remains. It should be considered a key starting resource for identifying native Australian species.'
Hayley Foster   Environmental Archaeology

Animal Bones in Australian Archaeology is a welcome contribution to Australian zooarchaeology ... Fillios and Blake have created a clear and concise Australian faunal reference guide, ideal not only for students, heritage consultants and non‐specialists who only require a simple guide, but also for more experienced faunal analysts, who may find it a useful companion to their reference collections. This handbook can – and should – become a standard tool in the arsenal of all archaeologists working on Australian sites.’
Carly Monks   Archaeology in Oceania 51(3)

Format: wire bound
Size: 250 × 176 mm
192 pages
110 b&w illustrations
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ISBN: 9781743324592
Publication: 09 Nov 2015
Series: Tom Austen Brown Studies in Australasian Archaeology