Legal Framework for e-Research

Realising the Potential

Edited by Brian Fitzgerald

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Format: paperback
558 pages
ISBN: 9781920898939

Publication: 01 Aug 2007

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Legal Framework for e-Research: Realising the Potential provides an overview of key legal issues facing e-Research. Part One of this book considers the broader prospect and context of what e-Research will allow. Part Two looks more closely at the role law will play in the e-Research environment. Part Three focuses on the key issues of data exchange and data management highlighting important legal issues. Part Four reflects on the changing nature of Scholarly Communications while Part Five looks at the fundamental role of agreements for collaborative endeavour (contracts) in structuring collaboration and calls for greater consideration of way we can streamline the process. Part Six examines the role and operation of privacy law in an e-Research world while Part Seven posits a new approach to commercialisation that embraces the paradigm of open innovation. Part Eight looks at the international legal implications for e-Research and Part Nine considers the national survey we undertook on e-Research, collaborative agreements and data management.

Brian Fitzgerald is an Australian legal academic and barrister, specialising in intellectual property and information technology.


1. Introduction
Brian Fitzgerald

Part 1: the dimensions and possibilities of e-research
2. The fifth dimension
Chris Greer
3. Innovation and open access to public sector information
Terry Cutler
4. Cyber infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences
John Unsworth

Part 2: institutional and legal frameworks
5. Designing institutional infrastructures for e-science
Paul David and Michael Spence
6. The law as cyber infrastructure
Brian Fitzgerald and Kylie Pappalardo

Part 3: data ownership, access and reuse
7. Understanding the legal implications of data sharing, access and reuse in the Australian research landscape
Anne Fitzgerald, Kylie Pappalardo and Anthony Austin
8. Open data for global science
Paul F. Uhlir and Peter Schroder
9. NIH data and resource sharing, data release and intellectual property policies for genomics community resource projects
Claire Driscoll
10. Cyberinfrastructure for knowledge sharing
John Wilbanks

Part 4: scholarly communications
11. Working for a research-friendly IPR framework in the UK
Fred Friend
12. Creating a legal framework for copyright management of open access within the Australian academic and research sector
Brian Fitzgerald, Anne Fitzgerald, Mark Perry, Scott Kiel-Chisholm, Erin Driscoll, Dilan Thampapillai and Jessica Coates

Part 5: contractual and technological frameworks
13. The University–Industry Demonstration Partnership: an incremental improvement to university–industry collaboration
James Casey
14. Streamlining collaborative agreements in an e-research world
Anthony Austin and Brian Fitzgerald

Part 6: privacy and e-research
15. A win:win for data access: balancing public good with privacy concerns
Fiona Stanley
16. Privacy regulation and e-research
Andrew Hayne
17. A primer in the politics of privacy and research
David Ruschena

Part 7: patents and commercialisation in an e-research world – new models
18. Science as social enterprise: the CAMBIA BiOS Initiative
Richard Jefferson

Part 8: international dimensions
19. e-Research and jurisdiction
Gaye Middleton

Part 9: survey of stakeholder attitudes
20. Australian survey on legal issues facing e-research
Maree Heffernan and Scott Kiel-Chisholm


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Publication: 01 Aug 2007