Urban Islands: Volume 1

Edited by Joanne Jakovich

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Format: paperback
290 pages
ISBN: 9781920898557

Publication: 20 Dec 2006

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Shifting economies have left the world's post-industrial cities with isolated zones of abandonment - iconic yet dormant sites that are both physically and culturally vacant. These sites are typically dislocated, contaminated, and often construed as a danger to be made safe or an economic burden to be made profitable. They exist within the urban fabric, though through disuse or disconnection, they exist distinct from that fabric.

They are Urban Islands.

The research articles and design projects in this book consider how postindustrial sites may be used as templates for new ways of energising cities with cultural activity. The Urban Islands Project on Cockatoo Island is a pointer to the possibilities.

Joanne Jakovich is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at the University of Technology, Sydney and a co-founder of u.lab, interdisciplinary innovation hub at UTS.



Part 1: islands and urbanism
1. Business/culture
Martin Kornberger
2. Feedback architecture
Joanna Jakovich
3. Jellyfish house
Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott
4. Soft architecture/soft urbanism
Jin Hidaka
5. A brand new urbanism
Ingo Kumic
6. Sonic islands
Kirsty Beilharz

Part 2: Sydney and cockatoo
7. A collage of yearnings
Tom Henegan
8. The mould loft
Samantha Hanna and Olivia Hyde
9. Systems of change, reality and revelation
Henri Praeger
10. Daedalus: a fable for cockatoo
Thomas Rivard
11. Parallelisms
Jaime Rouillon
12. The fat, the old and the beautiful
Dagmar Reinhardt
13. Cockatoo: derive as program
Matias Echanove
14. A brief, an island, and a chance to enhance design culture’
Christopher Walsh
15. Postcard from a 21st century city
Ingo Kumic

Part 3: works and critiques
16. Soft responses to a hard place
Chris Abel
17. Rethinking parameters
Marc Aurel Schnabel
18. Emancipation of the surface
Liz Bowra
19. Responsive Environment Studio
Led by Satoru Yamashiro and Jin Hidaka
20. Soft inversion
Installation by Responsive Environment Studio
21. Void/threshold studio
Led by Jaime Rouillon
22. Subtractive Networks Studio
Led by Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott
23. Ambient Loop Studio
Led by Henri Praeger and Chris Abel

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Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 16 mm
290 pages
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ISBN: 9781920898557
Publication: 20 Dec 2006