Communities and Change

Selected Papers

Edited by Dorothy Bottrell and Gabrielle Meagher

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Format: paperback
340 pages
ISBN: 9781920898847

Publication: 01 Sep 2008

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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How can change be promoted and sustained in disadvantaged communities and for children in communities? How can professionals be supported to bring about positive change in communities? How can collaborative research and evaluation make a difference? The chapters in this book, emanating from the Communities and Change Conference at the University of Sydney in 2007, explore these questions, demonstrating the challenging and constructive connections between education and social work, between universities and community organisations, and between research and practice.

Dorothy Bottrell is senior lecturer in social pedagogy at Victoria University (Melbourne) and honorary senior lecturer at the University of Sydney.

Gabrielle Meagher is a professor of social policy at Macquarie University.

Gabrielle Meagher and Dorothy Bottrell

Supporting change for disadvantaged communities
1. The reality of locational social disadvantage: what could help to reduce its ill-effects?
Tony Vinson

2. From authoritarian to democratic schooling: schooling that empowers young people
Ebeny Wood
3. Change and resistance to change: community development in a rural caste community in South India
Frank Tesoriero
4. Preliminary findings from the National Youth Cultures of Eating Study: gender, social class and ethnic differences in childhood obesity
Jennifer O’Dea

Supporting change for children in communities
5. Max and the knight: how a therapeutic story provided a connection point for child, family, school, human service agencies and community
Leigh Burrows

6. Examining the range of strategies mothers use to cope when caring for a child with an intellectual disability
David Evans and Iva Strnadová

Supporting professionals for community change
7. Communities@work: engaging Gen Y in community work studies through blended distributed delivery
Kerry Russo
8. ‘The theories make you pay more attention to how things happen’: the impact of theory on the practice of pre-service teachers in their role as student mentors
Lesley Scanlon
9. ‘Caution children crossing ahead’: child protection education with pre-service teachers using a strengths approach
Angela Fenton
10. Examining teacher responses to a professional learning program addressing learning disabilities
Kay Munyard, Lyndall Sullivan, Jason Skues and Everarda Cunningham

Research collaboration for change
11. Making interpretive knowledge focal: developing an interdisciplinary dialogue on research into integrated early childhood services
Sue Nichols and Lana Zannettino
12. Beyond the sandstone: research partnerships between the community welfare sector and universities
Margot Rawsthorne

13. Research for practice in small human service organisations: doing and disseminating small-scale research
Suzanne Egan

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