Through the Clock's Workings

Edited by Amy Barker

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Format: paperback
132 pages
ISBN: 9781920899325

Publication: 02 Jun 2009

Publisher: Sydney University Press

A world first! The first remixed and remixable anthology of literature.

This anthology of short stories is not some textual tome, frozen in time and space. It is alive, evolving organically in a constant state of flux. Why? Because each story is available under a Creative Commons licence, giving you rights to share and reuse the book as you see fit.

So how do you use a remixable anthology? Simple.

Step 1 - Read. Thumb your way through the pages at will. Find the stories you love, the ones you hate, the ones that could be better.

Step 2 - Re/create. Each story is yours to share and to remix. Use only one paragraph or character or just make subtle changes. Change the genre, alter its formal or stylistic characteristics, or revise its message. Use as little or as much as you like - as long as it works.

Step 3 - Share. Be part of a growing community of literature remixing. Post your remixes to the Remix My Lit website, and start sharing. The entire anthology can be remixed - the original stories, the remixes, and even the fonts.

Through the Clock's Workings is Read&Write!

Amy Barker is the author of Omega Park (University of Queensland Press, 2009), which won the 2008 Queensland Premier's Literary Award for Best Emerging Author, the 2012 International Board of Books for Young People (IBBY) Ena Noël Award, and was highly commended in the Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW) Christina Stead Award for fiction in 2010. She is currently working on her second novel.


  1. Alchymical romance
    Lee Battersby
  2. Alchymical romance [baum-bastic mix]
    Matthew Lowe
  3. Alchymical romance [gender exchange remix]
    Sarah Xu
  4. Beowulf in Brisbane
    Philip Neilsen
  5. Beowulf in Brisbane [bus line of new rabBi remix]
    Ashley Hauenschild
  6. Cherished
    Emily Maguire
  7. Cherished [beloved friend remix]
    Michelle Almirón
  8. Dara’s Firebird lovesong
    Damian McDonald
  9. Dara’s Firebird lovesong [part three remix]
    Scott-Patrick Mitchell
  10. Take away [daras-firebird-remix-lovesong]
    Tessa Toumbourou
  11. Dreamless
    Kim Wilkins
  12. Dreamless [super-villanelle dub mix]
    Sean Williams
  13. Dreamless [super-villanelle dub alternate mix]
    Sean Williams
  14. How to domesticate a pirate
    Danielle Wood
  15. How to domesticate a pirate [live fed square remix]
    Mark Lawrence
  16. How to domesticate a pirate [what if if only remix]
    Amelia Schmidt
  17. Renovator’s heaven
    Cate Kennedy
  18. Renovator’s heaven [renovator’s hell remix]
    Amra Pajalic
  19. Renovator’s heaven [free verse sonnet remix]
    Phillip Ellis
  20. ‘Soliloquy for one dead’
    James Phelan
  21. ‘Soliloquy for one dead’ [criminal featherweight remix]
    Kirk Marshall
  22. The new cage
    Stefan Laszczuk
  23. Again, the healing tickle (the way black glitters): a mash-up
    Angela Meyer

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Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 8 mm
132 pages
Copyright: © 2009
ISBN: 9781920899325
Publication: 02 Jun 2009