Flora of the Sydney Region

Fifth Edition

Belinda J. Pellow, Murray J. Henwood, and Roger C. Carolin

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Format: paperback
738 pages
ISBN: 9781920899301

Publication: 08 Jul 2009

Publisher: Sydney University Press

The fifth edition Flora of the Sydney Region is the definitive technical guide to the identification of wild plants in one of the world's botanical heartlands. The Flora covers an area of coastal New South Wales stretching from Newcastle to Nowra and west to Lithgow. This comprehensive treatment contains diagnostic keys and descriptions that make it possible for the reader to identify any of the 3,000 indigenous or naturalised plant species found in this botanically diverse region. The identification keys efficiently guide the reader through those plant characteristics necessary to arrive at the correct scientific name. The identification process is further aided by a glossary and an extensive index of scientific and common plant names. Species descriptions include habitat details and flowering times. An instructive introduction provides support for the novice botanist.

When first published in 1963, Flora of the Sydney Region was the only complete regional Flora in Australia. This fully revised edition of the Flora incorporates the wealth of botanical research which has taken place since the publication of the fourth edition in 1994. As a trusty field guide and authoritative desktop reference, it will be a constant companion to environmental consultants, amateur and professional botanists, ecologists, bushwalkers, bush regenerators and teaching institutions.

Belinda J. Pellow is the curator of the Janet Cosh Herbarium at the University of Wollongong and a senior botanist at UBM Ecological Consultants.

Murray J. Henwood is an associate professor of life and environmental sciences at the University of Sydney.

Roger C. Carolin was the former associate professor of biology at the University of Sydney. He retired in 1989.

Preface to the fifth edition
How to use a Flora

Key to the phyla of vascular plants
Key to the Lycopodiophyta and Monilophyta families:

  1. Lycopodiophyta
  2. Monilophyta
  3. Cycadophyta
  4. Pinophyta
  5. Magnoliophyta

Vegetative key to Magnoliophyta families
Descriptions of Magnoliophyta families


Format: paperback
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ISBN: 9781920899301
Publication: 08 Jul 2009