Sustaining Heritage

Giving the Past a Future

Tony Gilmour

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Format: paperback
198 pages
ISBN: 9781920898717

Publication: 12 Oct 2007

Publisher: Sydney University Press

How much of our built environment should be preserved for future generations? Who should decide what we keep and what we demolish? More importantly, who will pay the ever-increasing bill for heritage conservation? Using examples from Australia and the United Kingdom, this book debates the commercialisation of heritage and argues that market forces offer more opportunities than threats. A business-like approach to conservation coupled with greater public participation in decision making will help to give the past a future. Sustaining Heritage is recommended reading for planners, policy makers, conservation professionals and anyone concerned about how we should best preserve and interpret our rich historical legacy.

Tony Gilmour is the founder and CEO of the Housing Action Network.

Edward J. Blakely

  1. Heritage, past and present
  2. Government calls the tune
  3. New finance for old buildings
  4. Consequences of heritage listing
  5. Heritage and the enterprise culture
  6. The great commercialisation debate
  7. An ‘entrepreneurial arts institution’?
  8. The new guardians of heritage
  9. Giving the past a future


' Gilmour's thoughtful analysis, informative case studies and conclusions provide some valuable insight and relevant messages. He is strongest in his perspicacious observations of the need for viable economic models, transparent processes and community engagement. His comments on heritage governance and the perils of multiple listing statutory regimes are timely as Australia engages with an evolving federal regime and changing community perceptions of what we want to pass on to future generations.'
Professor Richard Mackay   Australian Archaeology

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 11 mm
198 pages
30 b&w illustrations and 8 b&w tables
ISBN: 9781920898717
Publication: 12 Oct 2007