Engaging with Animals

Interpretations of a Shared Existence

Edited by Georgette Leah Burns and Mandy Paterson

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Format: paperback
276 pages
ISBN: 9781743320297

Publication: 30 May 2014
Series: Animal Politics
Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Humans and nonhuman animals engage with each other in a multitude of fascinating ways. They have always done so, motivated by both necessity and choice. Yet, as human population numbers increase and our impact on the planet expands, this engagement takes on new meanings and requires new understanding.

In Engaging with Animals: Interpretations of a Shared Existence experts in the field of human–animal studies investigate, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, the ways in which humans and other animals interact. Grouped into three broad sections, the chapters focus on themes ranging from attitudes, ethics and interactions to history, art and literature, and finally animal welfare outcomes. While offering different interpretations of human–non-human interactions, they share a common goal in attempting to find pathways leading to a mutually beneficial and shared co-existence.

Georgette Leah Burns is a senior lecturer in the School of Environment at Griffith University.

Mandy Paterson is a principal scientist with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Queensland.

Georgette Leah Burns and Mandy Paterson

Part 1: attitudes, ethics and interactions
1. Anthropomorphism and animals in the Anthropocene
 Georgette Leah Burns
2. Ethical issues within human–alloprimate interactive zones
 Nicholas Malone and Ally Palmer
3. Of rats, good science and openings to relatedness
 Simone Dennis
4. Blurred boundaries: humans, animals and sex
 Sandra Burr
5. Encounters with Antarctic animals in ABC’s Catalyst
 Sophie Fern, Kate Nash and Elizabeth Leane

Part 2: history, art and literature
6. The donkey and Mr Simpson: remembering the donkey in the Anzac legend
 Jill Bough
7. Howling, haunting and the symbolic dingo
 Amanda Stuart
8. Animal approximations: depicting cryptic species
 Anne Taylor
9. Linguistic anthropomorphism: Timbuktu, The Whistler and The White Bone
 Sally Borrell

Part 3: animal and human welfare
10. TNR (trap-neuter-return): is it a solution for the management of feral cats in Australia?
 Mandy Paterson
11. Animal farming in Australia: consumer awareness, concern and action
 Sally Healy
12. A utilitarian argument against animal exploitation
 Clare McCausland
13. Emotions in animals
 Nicky McGrath and Clive Phillips

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'Engaging with Animals will be eagerly sought by those who have been involved in the grass roots of Animal Studies in Australasia, as well as by international scholars involved in this growing field. The thirteen essays that comprise the book display the fascinating variety of topics that are emanating from Animal Studies conferences and exemplify the value of collections such as this.'
Carol Freeman   Animal Studies Journal

‘The book should widen the scope of human–animal studies collections – and to a large extent, it does ... The Australian focus is evident in all three sections of this book. The focus adds much to the interest and importance this book has for contemporary animal ethics.’
Dawne McCance   Journal of Animal Ethics

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 15 mm
276 pages
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ISBN: 9781743320297
Publication: 30 May 2014
Series: Animal Politics