The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2012

Foreword by Mark Tredinnick

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Format: paperback
218 pages
ISBN: 9781921364273

Publication: 23 Oct 2012

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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A fire kindling. The energy of industry. Sparks combines all this and more, through stories, poems, essays and photographs by twenty-six new writers and artists.

Foreword: getting over your self
Mark Tredinnick

1. Do you believe in rock and roll? by Agnes Bairstow
2. Footprints by Elizabeth J. Heller
3. Small gods by Christina Guo
4. Quarter after one by Kevin Caucher
5. So that you know I know by Daniel Zwi
6. Sophia by Camellia C. Yildirim
7. Sunlight and open spaces by Agnes Bairstow
8. The echo by Joshua Mostafa
9. In the kingdom of heaven by Tasneem Choudhury
10. Stranger by Martin Everett
11. The pelican wife by Sarah Hilton
12. Creatures of the vineyard by Elisabeth Murray
13. The still cricket by Daniel Zwi
14. Millions by Neil Varcoe
15. Offcuts by Kelli Lonergan
16. The courtesan’s version by Claire Hansen
17. That lost colour by Elisabeth Murray
18. The flash by Harriet Westcott

19. Ruby Li’s Australian dream by Wang Zi

20. Leeroy by Matthew Cai
21. Untitled (to come home to endless homes …) by Hugo Branley
22. Smokescreen silhouettes by Celeste Moore
23. Alice by Thomas Gardner
24. Hunting and gathering by Rosemary Vickers
25. Be a memory by Matthew Cai
26. To my brothers by Erin Martine Sessions
27. Catullus XIII by Thomas Gardner
28. Florence’s valentine by Celeste Moore
29. (k)new wor(l)d by Claire Hansen

30. Stuck by Kokkai Ng
31. Shadows by Lidia Nikonova
32. Melancholy by Petra Hanke
33. Still fishin’ by Drew Rooke
34. Reclining monk by Kokkai Ng


Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 16 mm
218 pages
5 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 9781921364273
Publication: 23 Oct 2012