The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2013

Edited by Alexandra Catterall and Emma Holland

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Format: paperback
208 pages
ISBN: 9781921364532

Publication: 29 Oct 2013

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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A collection of short stories and poetry from students of the University of Sydney, collated and edited by students of the Masters of Publishing program.

Foreword by Emily Maguire

1. White gloves and pomegranates by Lyn Dickens
2. Lost in Chinatown, again by Celeste Moore
3. Luna Park by Kelli Lonergan
4. Stolen by Alison Gorman
5. The thief by Marina Yang
6. Children of Aida Camp by Eliza Waterhouse
7. Forest wars by Annika Blau
8. Husk in the pyre by Victoria Wickes
9. End of the sailing season, 2009 by Jacqueline Krynda
10. Before dawn by Diana H. Quan
11. Kosciuszko, summer by Jacqueline Krynda
12. Fairground by Freia Kirkaldy
13. Alice and the war by Frank Russo
14. Lifeboat by Matthew Cai
15. Blue distances by Elisabeth Murray
16. Iron ghost by Frank Russo
17. Take off your cufflinks by Nick Richardson
18. City vintage by Carla May
19. To be touched by Zhiming Yu
20. Autumn leaves by Feiya Zhang
21. The exile byLaura Morrigan
22. When the words grew by Harriet McInerney
23. When the words sparked by Harriet McInerney
24. Scarecrow by Freia Kirkaldy
25. Acrimony in matrimony by Arul Britto Raj Arokiasamy
26. Catullus LXIX by Thomas Gardner
27. Sparrow heart by Laura Morrigan
28. Summer by Harriet McInerney
29. Duck green by Melanie Taylor
30. Shiro by Alexandra Banks
31. The emperor and his palace by Drew Rooke
32. The fox by Garth Travers
33. Projection by Steph Moriarty
34. The end of the day by Thomas Gardner
35. The postmodern convention by Diana H. Quan
36. The boy by Carla May
37. The tortoise and the hare (had a love affair) by Thilini Wickramasuriya
Blue by Alison Gorman
38. The sky by Feiya Zhang
39. Youth hostel by Elizabeth Hung
40. Blanketed shapes by Victoria Wickes
41. The white road by Lyn Dickens


Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 15 mm
208 pages
7 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 9781921364532
Publication: 29 Oct 2013