The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2009


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Format: paperback
162 pages
ISBN: 9781920899486

Publication: 01 Oct 2009

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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"She loved to rule up red margins and write in black ink on white - deciphering texts and decoding maths problems."

Marginalia: writing in the margins, around the edges of pages. Students produce a lot of it. It's often critiques or interpretations of the main text; sometimes, it can even form a dialogue between readers as they comment on each other's comments. But here, we'd like to invite you to the main page, the centre stage, in this newest incarnation of the acclaimed Sydney University Student Writing Anthology.

"I have trapped my character within this page, within these margins, within these words, but you, dear reader, are bringing external forces into these words and margins."

And really, margins are just lines - lines on a page, lines we draw between ourselves and another person, or invisible lines on a map. Just lines, but we still find meaning in them. These lines on a page represent the thoughts, lives and imaginations of Sydney University students.

The marginalia is up to you.

Craig Silvey

  1. A beginner’s guide to writing
    Zachary J. Phillips
  2. Acceptance (when the smell of death gets up your nose)
    Ingrid Kesa
  3. Aeroplane
    Catriona Daly
  4. All quiet on the backyard front
    Kat de Jong
  5. Awareness (one day I’m going to get you back for stealing my childhood, you bastard)
    Ingrid Kesa
  6. Bonnie
    Melinda Mills
  7. Brio
    Amelia Dale
  8. Centrifuge
    Pristine Ong
  9. City softened
    Ben Daroczy
  10. Etiquette
    Diana Quan
  11. Feeling nostalgic about events before they unfold
    Ingrid Kesa
  12. Frappuccino
    Matthew Ji Xing Cai
  13. How ocean stones end up in the city
    Karina Barker
  14. I dream of Gaza
    Sarah K. Balstrup
  15. India’s hidden civil war
    Chris Brown
  16. Journey of the magi
    Jarrah Sastrawan
  17. My legato heart
    Julie Thorndyke
  18. Napalm
    Sophie Trevitt
  19. Saying
    Ian Steep
  20. Skies and clouds and such
    Rowan McKay
  21. Stop
    Amanda Taylor
  22. The balcony
    Vesna Leto
  23. The lady and the bird
    Mark Yeow
  24. The man in grey
    Amelia Dale
  25. The next chapter
    Alison Gibson
  26. The radio
    Bronwyn Lacken
  27. Wandering eyes and a winter morning at work
    Cipi Morgan
  28. Warmer winters
    Elisabeth Murray
  29. The end
    Polina Madorsky


Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 10 mm
162 pages
Copyright: © 2009
ISBN: 9781920899486
Publication: 01 Oct 2009