Read Me

The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2011

Editorial coordination by Louisa Althans

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Format: paperback
140 pages
ISBN: 9781920899882

Publication: 19 Oct 2011

Publisher: Sydney University Press

How do you choose a book in the shop? Which of the thousands of titles appeals to you? Wouldn't it be great if one book just jumped off the shelf and said: 'Read me! I'm the best! I'm full of beautiful writing, adventure, love and drama ... '

Well, here you go! We just made life a bit easier for you. Read Me will lead you from a tiny village in Eastern Europe to the emperors of China. You'll meet peasants and kings. Sailors, lovers and brilliant inventors will cross your way. And once you've finished you'll hear the pages whispering: 'Read me again.'

P.M. Newton

  1. Harmonica man
    Isabel Robinson
  2. Ode to cabbage
    Laura Chan
  3. Aboard the SS Sillibabsss
    Thomas Azzopardi
  4. Sleepers in the sand
    Annabel Carr
  5. Cinematic ordeal
    Connie Ye
  6. A series of small cuts
    Harriet Westcott
  7. The first emperor
    Jacqueline Buswell
  8. Only letters
    Alison Gibson
  9. An unwelcome friend
    Sarah Bendall
  10. The machine that kept on learning
    Thomas Azzopardi
  11. Questionable love
    Hae Min Kim
  12. All sorrows, except my own
    Marija Rodriguez
  13. As mad as a hatter’s wife
    Harriet McInerney
  14. Earthquake
    Dinnah Gustavo
  15. Ironic
    Tammy Wong
  16. Stone in her chest
    Michela Ziady
  17. The cupboard
    Lisa Schons
  18. The terror (a plea)
    Tammy Wong
  19. The man in the tree
    Daniel Jenkins
  20. Old growth forest
    Petra Hanke
  21. Darren, boy astronaut
    Patrick Hsiao
  22. Amelia’s name used to start with a ‘C‘
    Sonia Chan
  23. A lament
    Hae Min Kim
  24. Charming
    Harriet McInerney
  25. BBQ man
    Rob Ashton
  26. Good dirt
    Louise Carey White
  27. On the wind
    Ashley Kalagian Blunt
  28. Lost
    Dinnah Gustavo
  29. Ladykiller
    Isabel Robinson
  30. Sarge
    Louise Carey White
  31. You paved my path, why?
    Ebru Okan

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Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 10 mm
140 pages
1 colour illustration and 3 b&w illustrations
Copyright: © 2011
ISBN: 9781920899882
Publication: 19 Oct 2011