ARNA 2012

Editor-in-chief Alex McKinnon and Eleanor Gordon-Smith and foreword by Mungo MacCallum

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Format: paperback
130 pages
ISBN: 9781921364266

Publication: 14 Sep 2012
Series: ARNA
Publisher: Sydney University Press

A new edition of ARNA – a unique and progressive journal that showcases the voices of Sydney University's Arts students, and promotes a diversity of style and form across multiple creative and literary mediums.

Foreword written by Mungo MacCallum, and featuring a poem by Les Murray.

Foreword by Mungo MacCallum

1. It may just come true by David Schuman
2. Poetisin’ by Michael Richardson
3. Discipline by Xiaoran Shi
4. Backgarden, three o’clock by Finn Gabriel Keogh
5. Manfred variations by Jonathan Dunk
6. Down on Halifax by Nicholas Fahy
7. I looked on my right hand and beheld by Rafi Alam
8. When you come ’round by Danielle Chiaverini
9. The Werther Effect by James Watson
10. Sketch of saxophone solo by Joel Mak
11. A hard day’s knight by Dashiell Moore
12. April’s blue by Mira Schlosberg
13. Sandstones like sepia by Marija Elektra Rodriguez
14. In extremis by Audrey Menezes
15. Untitled (2012) by Eleanor Gibson
16. Benares (2012) by Nik Thorup
17. Submerge (2012) by Amelia Goldie
18. The power of one (2010) by Amelia Goldie
19. Untitled (2010) by Amelia Goldie
20. The casualties (2012) by Kathryn Beaton
21. Les irreguliers (2012) by Ania Gareeva
22. Arctic exploration 1-4-90 (2008) by Joseph Turrin
23. Difficulties (2012) by Andrew Kim
24. Disembodied (2012) by Shaung Wu
25. The Chinaman’s garden by William Kilner
26. Scribbles for a mandate by Andrej Trbojevic
27. Dolls by Brendan O’Shea
28. In the kitchen by Carolina Skibinski
29. Edit by Carolina Skibinski
30. A portrait of Ena Markovic by Carolina Skibinski
31. Ants by Adam Chalmers
32. Villain by Ashley Hutchison
33. Untitled by Lucy Goldstein
34. For the first time my house has music in it by Dashiell Moore
35. Avion by Dover Dubosarsky
36. Amble by Giacomo Bianchino
37. Quay by Kate Farrell
38. Wooden duck by Mariana Podesta-Diverio
39. When two percent were students by Les Murray

Afterword by Alex McKinnon and Eleanor Gordon-Smith

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 7 mm
130 pages
15 colour illustrations and 6 b&w illustrations
Copyright: © 2012
ISBN: 9781921364266
Publication: 14 Sep 2012
Series: ARNA