Politics and Religion in the New Century

Philosophical Reflections

Edited by Philip Andrew Quadrio and Carrol Besseling

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Format: paperback
430 pages
ISBN: 9781920899318

Publication: 16 Nov 2009

Publisher: Sydney University Press

Politics and Religion in the New Century contains a collection of philosophical reflections on the intersection of religion and the political in contemporary social, political and intellectual life. Based on new research, the essays raise questions about the contemporary philosophical engagement with religion that orientate it on its practical rather than metaphysical dimension. That is, its social, political and ethical significance. This collection provides important insights for those interested in: philosophy, religious studies, politics, human rights, globalisation, social theory, ethics, sociology, political economy, government, anthropology, contemporary culture, and issues of justice and power generally.

Philip Andrew Quadrio is a philosopher based at the University of Sydney.


Philip Andrew Quadrio

  1. Gods of the state: atheism, Englightenment and barbarity
    Peter Slezak
  2. Philosophy of religion’s political character: myths of tolerance and the re-sanctification of politics
    Michael Levine
  3. Liberalism, the ethics of citizenship and religious belief
    Anthony J. Langlois
  4. Respecting an establishment of religion
    Richard Hamilton
  5. The political identity of the Christian church reconsidered: some resources from the history of political theology
    Matheson Russell
  6. Religious truth in a globalising world: new challenges to philosophy of religion
    Peter Jonkers
  7. A place for forgiveness? A Derridean response to terrorism
    Michael Strawser
  8. In a time of terror: globalisation, transformation, ethics and the Enlightenment
    Raymond Aaron Younis
  9. Bergson’s myth-making faculty: political fabulation and its two religious sources
    Carl Power
  10. Is radical ecopolitics secular and how might it be?
    Carleton B. Christensen
  11. On praxis for faith and understanding
    Paul Crittenden
  12. Metaphilosophical reflections on theism and atheism in the current debate
    Paolo Diego Bubbio
  13. Parochialism in a pluralistic context: a time for critical self-reflection on philosophy of religion
    Philip A. Quadrio

Format: paperback
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430 pages
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ISBN: 9781920899318
Publication: 16 Nov 2009