ARNA 2011

Editor-in-chief Richard Withers and Anne Widjaja and foreword by Adam Spencer

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Format: paperback
148 pages
ISBN: 9781921364204

Publication: 17 Oct 2011
Series: ARNA
Publisher: Sydney University Press

The 2011 edition of ARNA – a unique and progressive journal that showcases the voices of Sydney University's Arts students, and promotes a diversity of style and form across multiple creative and literary mediums.

Adam Spencer

  1. Baby
    Michela Ziady
  2. And below the table
    James Watson
  3. The man
    James Watson
  4. Chemotherapy
    Robert Ribbons
  5. The
    Sam Barnett
  6. Tunisia
    Michael Falk
  7. Margate Sands
    Bryant Apolonio
  8. Roller derby
    Sheenal Singh
  9. Choices
    Nicholas Fahy
  10. June eyes
    Nicholas Fahy
  11. The aesthetics of beauty
    Nicholas Fahy
  12. Dead meat
    Justin Pen
  13. Sketch of a(n) (Albany) bus station
    Joel Mak
  14. Sketch of an ordinary (beautiful) day
    Joel Mak
  15. Abode and abroad
    Shaun Colnan
  16. African theatre
    Pristine Ong
  17. The hour’s up!
    Paul Ellis
  18. Photography
    Alexander Dorohokuplia
  19. Sunset
    Nicholas Fahy
  20. Artwork
    Ania Gareeva
  21. In the jungle
    Feng Guo
  22. Photography
    Peter Rolfe
  23. Sketches
    Casma Brimo
  24. Vietnam
    Danielle Chiaverini
  25. Watercolours
    Phoebe Johnson
  26. Something in the way
    Duncan Idaho
  27. The water
    Caitlin Still
  28. Philosopher’s drinking game
    Rafi Alam
  29. Concrete box
    Anastasia Kalos
  30. Sonnets
    Tonya Westlake
  31. Schoolgirl drama
    Connie Ye
  32. Perpetuating abjection
    Matthew Withers
  33. Muse whispers
    Jonathan Payne
  34. Follow me down
    Andrew James Milne
  35. Madness in the night sky
    Andrew James Milne
  36. Trapped in the net
    Jessica Regan
  37. Three poems from a fox to an otter
    Jordan Roe
  38. The mask (excerpt)
    Nicholas John Margan
  39. Flying ships and turning tides
    Dominic McNeil
  40. Fairytale
    Robert Ribbons
  41. Welcome to Michigan
    Tom Gooch
  42. Copywriter
    Michela Ziady
  43. Gummo get grounded
    Elizabeth Goralewski
  44. Untitled
  45. Nuclear family bees
    Les Murray

Anne Widjaja and Richard Withers

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 8 mm
148 pages
12 colour illustrations and 13 b&w illustrations
Copyright: © 2011
ISBN: 9781921364204
Publication: 17 Oct 2011
Series: ARNA