Australian Made

A Multicultural Reader

Edited by Sonia Mycak and Amit Sarwal

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Format: paperback
338 pages
ISBN: 9781920899363

Publication: 10 May 2011

Publisher: Sydney University Press

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Australian Made is a collection of essays about the writers, the readers and the texts of multicultural Australia. Despite the different approaches they take, the essays address a number of questions that are important for understanding Australian multicultural society and Australia's national literary culture.

How does multiculturalism intersect with different genres and generic conventions? How is cultural diversity expressed and enacted within life writing, women's writing, experimental writing, children's literature, poetry, prose and film? What does it mean to be a ‘multicultural writer’ in Australia today? What is a ‘multicultural text’?

Presenting the work of critics and scholars from Australia and abroad, this collection creates a synergy between local and international perspectives as it explores what it means for a writer or a reader to be ‘Australian’ and a text to be ‘Australian made’.

Amit Sarwal is an Endeavour postdoctoral research fellow at the Contemporary Histories Research Group, Deakin University. He is also an honorary associate professor (visiting) of RMIT.

Sonia Mycak is the Ukranian Studies Foundation in Australia research fellow at Australian National University’s Centre for European studies.

Sonia Mycak and Amit Sarwal

  1. Critics, crucibles and a literary career: Inez Baranay and her Indian novel, Neem Dreams
    Alison Barlett
  2. Remembering transcultural childhoods: Morris Lurie and Judah Waten
    Mary Besemeres
  3. The radical poetics of the gendered urban quotidian: reading Anna Couani’s literary experimentalism of the 1970s and 1980s
    Anna Brewster
  4. Re-viewing and re-situating Greek-Australian women’s writing
    Konstandina Dounis
  5. Dogboys and lost things; or anchoring a floating signifier: race and critical multiculturalism in Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing and Ranulfo Concon’s Nirvana’s Children
    Debra Dudek
  6. A reading of The Myrtle Tree by Jad El Hage
    Nijmeh Hajjar
  7. Re-envisioning the Japanese: The Goddess of 1967 and Japanese Story
    Dennis Haskell
  8. Locating Indo-Australian fiction in multicultural Australia
    Sissy Helff
  9. Writing Chinese diaspora: after the ‘White Australia Policy’
    Deborah L. Madsen
  10. Slovenian migrant literature in Australia: an overview with a reading of the work of Jože Žohar
    Igor Maver
  11. A model of multicultural literary production: the Ukranian-Australian literary field
    Sonia Mycak
  12. Generation V: the search for Vietnamese Australia
    Hoa Pham and Scott Brook
  13. ‘Longing for Sydney’: Didier Coste’s Days in Sydney
    Robert Pickering
  14. Cultural equilibriums and linguistic dislocations: the poetry of Paolo Totaro
    Gaetano Rando
  15. Two approaches to constructing ‘Chinese’ cultural identity: Australia’s authors with Chinese ancestry
    Christine Sun
  16. Re-defining parameters: Greek-Australian literature
    Hariaclea Zengos


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ISBN: 9781920899363
Publication: 10 May 2011