Sydney University Sport 1852-2007

More than a Club

Geoff Sherington and Steve Georgakis

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Publication: 10 Jun 2008

Publisher: Sydney University Press

Sydney University Sport 1852-2007: More than a Club offers a fascinating and highly informative overview of the development of sport at the University of Sydney over the past century and a half. The story is set in the wider context of the history of the University and the history of Australian sport.

The University of Sydney, with the oldest rugby football club and some of the oldest cricket, boating, tennis and athletic clubs, played a decisive, pioneering and previously undocumented role in the development of these and other sports in Australia. Apart from highlighting the contribution that the University has made to the development of sport within the wider Australian community, this study illuminates the new understandings of the role that sport has played in the life of the University and its students, and more generally of the importance of sport within Australian cultural institutions. It shows how universities have both adapted and influenced the development of the values and administration of sport within Australia.

Sydney University Sport 1852-2007: More than a Club is recommended reading for anyone involved in sport and education - from sport administrators and coaches, to historians, students, researchers and policy-makers. It will provide valuable understanding of the place and meaning of sport in the context of Australian schools and universities.

Geoff Sherington is a professor in history of education at the University of Sydney.

Steve Georgakis is a senior lecturer in health education and primary education at the University of Sydney.

Gavin Brown
Landmarks of sport at the University of Sydney

Part 1: the foundation years 1852–1890
1. The amateur ideal and the institutionalisation of sport
2. The cricket club
3. The football club
4. The boat, athletic and lawn tennis clubs

Part 2: in union is strength 1890–1919
5. The establishment of the Sydney University Sports Union
6. The dominant five
7. The establishment and decline of other clubs
8. Intercollegiate and interfaculty traditions
9. The great war
10. Women’s sporting traditions 1882–1919

Part 3: lost opportunities 1919–1945
11. The union in trouble
12. Amateur rugby league club
13. The old club culture
14. The creation of new clubs
15. The men’s colleges
16. The rise of interfaculty
17. The inter-war years for women
18. AUSA and the standardisation of intervarsity

Part 4: the consolidation of sport at the University 1946–1989
19. The emerging dilemma of sport within the University
20. The expansion of physical facilities
21. The traditional clubs
22. The post-World War Two women’s sports association
23. The end of the road

Part 5: the contemporary era 1990–2007
24. The new institutionalisation of sport at the University
25. From SU Sport to VSU
26. The way of the future


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Publication: 10 Jun 2008