An Autobiography

Catherine Helen Spence

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Format: paperback
Edition: First published in 1910 by W. K. Thomas and Co.
128 pages
ISBN: 9781920897710

Publication: 01 Jan 2006
Series: SUP Classics
Publisher: Sydney University Press

An Autobiography was first published after the death of Catherine Helen Spence in April 1910. The text was unfinished but compiled by Spence’s friend Jeanne Young with the help of Spence’s diary.

An Autobiography is a record of a fascinating life, from Spence's childhood in Scotland to her emigration to South Australia, her career as journalist and novelist, her activities on behalf of electoral reform, public education and the welfare of mothers and children, and her meetings and communications with contemporary celebrities such as J. S. Mill and George Eliot. Along the way she discusses the Wakefield plan for the establishment of the South Australian colony, her plans for a fairer electoral system and the processes leading to Australian Federation.

Catherine Helen Spence (1825-1910) was a Scottish-Australian writer, teacher and feminist. Spence fought for female suffrage in Australia, becoming vice-president of the Women's Suffrage League of South Australia in 1891.

  1. Early childhood in Scotland
  2. Towards Australia
  3. A beginning at seventeen
  4. Lovers and friends
  5. Novels and a political inspiration
  6. A trip to England
  7. Melrose revisited
  8. I visit Edinburgh and London
  9. Meeting with J.S. Mill and George Eliot
  10. Return from the old country
  11. Wards of the state
  12. Preaching, friends and writing
  13. My work for education
  14. Speculation, charity and a book
  15. Journalism and politics
  16. Sorrow and change
  17. Impressions of America
  18. Britain, the Continent and home again
  19. Progress of effective voting
  20. Widening interests
  21. Proportional representation and federation
  22. A visit to New South Wales
  23. More public work
  24. The eightieth milestone and the end

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 18 mm
128 pages
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ISBN: 9781920897710
Publication: 01 Jan 2006
Series: SUP Classics