The University of Sydney Student Anthology 2015

Edited and written by University of Sydney students, with foreword by Amy Lovat

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Format: paperback
290 pages
ISBN: 9781742103723

Publication: 23 Feb 2016

Publisher: The University of Sydney

Imprint is a collection of works about moments and ideas that leave an impression. This anthology explores the important, mundane, fleeting and lasting moments in life with heartwarming and heartbreaking nostalgia. Emerging writers and artists share with us unforgettable moments, and in turn leave their mark in the 2015 University of Sydney student anthology.

The University of Sydney Anthology is created, curated and produced by publishing students.

Amy Lovat

  1. The house in the hinterlands
    Benjamin Fairclough
  2. Leaves and dust
    Mark Macrossan
  3. Angel
    Kate Garaty
  4. Predator and prey
    Zuriyat Zasmin Iqbal
  5. Being (diptych)
    Freia Kirkaldy
  6. The apple jack
    Melissa Coates
  7. Boat watching
    D. Bayman Smith
  8. The murder (of crows) – country circuit
    Mark Macrossan
  9. Robbed and the robber
    Connie Neighbour
  10. The terminator
    Mark Govier
  11. on(coming)
    Emily Ung
  12. The end of the line
    Mark Govier
  13. Lows and highs
    Mark Macrossan
  14. The beginning
    Rebecca Rolls
  15. Selected poems from the past of lover’s present
    R. Badiyan
  16. Daylight robbery
    Annaliese Gielingh
  17. Pimples
    Bingying Deng
  18. Mr Crooked Nose (or the visible personification of absolute perfection)
    Mitchell Paul
  19. Huck Finn tells it like he sees it
    Tani Edgecombe Mueck
  20. City park
    Connie Neighbour
  21. Sydney hope
    Georgia Monaghan
  22. Flower to flower
    Samuel Webster
  23. Lines on paper
    Dot Przybylski
  24. It’s a man’s, man’s, man’s world
    Jeremy Blum
  25. Storm
    Sarah Mahmood
  26. Heartache
    Kate Garaty
  27. Diary of a Mephisto: extracts
    Mark Govier
  28. In bloom
    Rebecca Rolls
  29. Standing still
    Connie Neighbour
  30. I’m here now
    Tani Edgecombe Mueck
  31. Dance
    Kate Garaty
  32. His long slender fingers
    Tereza Crvenkovic
  33. Three moments in the life of Alana Louise, age eight
    Sophie Swancott
  34. Various reflections
    Jessica Lawford
  35. Wildfire
    Kate Garaty
  36. The wild woman from Waverley
    James Bridle
  37. Saudade
    Rebecca Rolls
  38. Footprints
    Lauren A. Weber
  39. Moments become memories
    Talie Gottlieb
  40. The dust in our bones
    Rebecca Rolls
  41. The astronaut’s daughter
    Steph Moriarty

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Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 mm
290 pages
1 colour illustration and 45 b&w illustrations
Copyright: © 2016
ISBN: 9781742103723
Publication: 23 Feb 2016